2023: Letter 2

To Our Five Star Life Supporters, 

As promised, here is the second story and letter I’d like you to read and pass along to someone you think should learn about Five Star Life. This year, we’ve reached more kids than ever before and each kid comes to us with their own unique life experiences. Oftentimes, it’s these experiences that have traumatized them and severely altered them, their mindset, and ultimately their life. Then, somehow their world merges with Five Star Life and things begin to change. That’s how Jessica’s story begins. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. 

Jessica participated in our program for a full school year. She was extremely shy, would never make eye contact, but faithfully attended. In the summer, she attended our summer camp. I remember receiving a call after camp from her mother telling me that Jessica came home from camp and shared that she had been the victim of a family friend who had been raping her for the past 3 years. This sick individual told her what he did was between him, her, and God, and that he would harm her family if she told anyone. It was so serious that the FBI got involved and uncovered a ring of a dozen children who were being tormented the same way. 

Can you imagine the torment Jessica endured year after year during what experts agree is one of the most difficult stages of adolescence: middle school. Feeling sick to my stomach thinking about what this precious girl went through, I gave her mother my sympathy and asked if there was anything Five Star Life could do. She said, “That’s why I’m calling. Five Star already did what you needed to do.” I didn’t understand. The mom went on to tell me that the FBI asked Jessica, “After 3 years of abuse, why did you decide to come forward now? What prompted you to speak up?” Jessica replied by saying, “I’m in a program called Five Star that taught me to live by 5 core values. Courage is one of those values.” She learned that we define courage as having the strength to do what’s right rather than what’s popular or comfortable. She went on to say, “I knew what was happening was wrong and Five Star taught me to have the courage to come forward.” 

I got goosebumps as my mind began to flash images of Jessica walking in to Five Star with her head down. Oh, the weight she was carrying. The shame, fear, and shear foulness of what was happening in her world must have been unbearable. Another thought flashed through my mind of Jessica engaged during lessons and connecting with her coach. Everything we do at Five Star is intentional and I could see the power in those consistent intentions impacting Jessica week after week but had no idea the enormity of those small steps!

Today, the perpetrator is serving a life sentence in prison and Jessica is in her 4th year teaching middle school English, a career path she chose in middle school because her Five Star Coach was studying to be a teacher. To top it off, Jessica found love and last month became engaged to be married to the man of her dreams. If we all could comprehend what torment might feel like, Jessica has experienced it. On the other hand, if you could define what living a life free…a Five Star Life might feel like, Jessica is LIVING it right now thanks to the army of volunteers and donors that CREATE transformation for kids. 

When I think about Tyler and Jessica’s stories, I am overwhelmed with one emotion, gratitude. I’m so grateful to have played a part in their transformation and I hope you feel the same because it is FAITHFUL people like you who were responsible for writing these stories. As I said before, this year we’ve reached more kids in more ways than any other time in our history. At the same time, in 2023 our donations decreased for only the second time in our 19 year history. We are hopeful it will turn around because we have unprecedented opportunities to grow in 2024. However, it is why I am compelled to ask you again to consider sharing this letter with someone you know who may not be involved yet. This isn’t me pressuring you because we need money. This is me sharing my burden to not have to turn away the hundreds and possibly thousands of Tyler’s and Jessica’s that we have the potential to reach in 2024. If you’ve received this letter and are reading it, you’re already doing your part, but would you be willing to take it one step further and share what you’re doing with someone else? It’s as simple as telling them you support Five Star Life and received a series of letters and ask them if they’re interested in reading one. That’s it. It’s intentional and it’s simple, but boy could IT COULD BE A GAME-CHANGER if everyone did it. 

Once again, thank you for reading this second letter and thank you for your support! A third one will soon follow. This is going to be a unique year end journey with Five Star Life! 

Greatfully yours,

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Coach Seth 

PS – Want even more info about the stories shared in our year-end letter series? We will be highlighting these stories on our Five Star Life Radio Show. There are three ways to listen (1) live Saturday mornings at 11am on 953mnc.com, (2) via podcast on any podcast streaming platform (Five Star Life Show w/Coach Seth), or (3) watch on YouTube @thefivestarlife. 

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