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Five Star Life gearing up for annual golf outing

WNDU + Five Star Life

Seth sat down with WNDU to explain Five Star Life's mission, value, and purpose. He shares what he has learned and observed from working with our students:

They just want people to look them in the eyes and show them that I have value - help bring it out, cultivate it. They just want to be valued. They just want to be loved and they want to be believed in.

WSBT:SNAP Leadership program turns at-risk children into leaders

WSBT provides an overview of Five Star Life's SNAP program, a diversion program for low-risk and low-level juvenile offenders that find themselves in the Juvenile Probation Department. This program is an alternative to probation.

You watch week by week, as they begin to shift the way they treat each other, the way they talk to each other. And by the end, it is like they are like family to Five Star and to each other. This is a massive support group.

WSBT Town Hall:
 Education Barriers

In WSBT's town hall, "Education Barriers", Seth Maust joins a panel of top education leaders as they dissect the multifaceted obstacles our students face. From the impact of trauma and mental health issues to the challenges of poverty and family dynamics, experts shed light on the crucial factors that influence educational outcomes. Their insights emphasize the need for a holistic approach to education, where emotional well-being and academic growth go hand in hand.

Be inspired by the remarkable journey of John Galinsky, a senior at Elkhart Academy. John's story is a testament to the power of overcoming personal trauma. His transformation from a troubled past to a beacon of success exemplifies our belief that every child, no matter their background, has the potential to thrive.

We believe in the power of community to drive change. This program is more than just a conversation; it's a call to action for each one of us. We invite parents, educators, and community members to join forces in creating a nurturing environment where every child can flourish.

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