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What Principals Are Saying

“After several years of having the Five Star program in our building, we are convinced that Five Star is the program that we can’t live without at West Side Middle School.”

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What Parents Are Saying

“As a family, Five Star helped us grow closer and develop a trusting relationship. In addition to helping our relationship, it’s helped him in school and with bullies…”

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What Students Are Saying

“I’ve removed masks. I’ve set goals. Five Star has changed my life. I strive to live a 5starlife. I never used to work or do chores, now I actually have goals…I’ve changed.”

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Every school day in the U.S.

7,000 students drop out

Five Star Life is changing the face of culture by changing the mindsets of kids!

Be part of the Five Star Solution!


80% of first time drug abuse happens between

Ages 10-14


80% of first time drug abuse happens between



85% of all juvenile crime takes place between


Five Star Life was formed to address this crisis

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