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"Evidence Based Comprehensive Character, Leadership, and Mindset Curriculum"
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Transforms Behavior

Decreasing disciplinary referrals up to 70%. Decreasing recidivism rates by over 60%. Increasing student-teacher engagement.

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Builds Leadership

Creating a common language to instill values. Teaching leadership and mindset development. Creating a culture where kids are motivated to learn.

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Transforms Mindsets

Helping kids see themselves, others, and the world in a positive, productive way by instilling values into every fiber of their being.

How it works

Kids watch a 6-8 minute Video Curriculum lesson that touches upon the 5 core values and 7 essential skills that supports the Five Star Life. These videos are pre-planned which means no extra work for teachers!
Kids complete Five Star Life Video Curriculum notes consisting of 3-4 questions directly correlating to what they just heard. Research verifies that 90% of what kids hear goes in one ear and out the other.  When kids think critically and process in writing, learning increases. Kids apply critical thinking skills to learn and process how the content relates to their reality.
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Kids are divided into small groups where they verbally process their thoughts and ideas with their peers.  Kids learn from and challenge each other, taking what they have learned deeper into their psyche.
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Evidence clearly reveals that the deepest level of learning happens when a person teaches or acts on something they have learned.  For every action there is a reaction.  Each lesson has a specific action step called a "Challenge Step" that kids complete.  Kids document exactly how they will implement the challenge.
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Kids report back to their group regarding Challenge Step completion and the impact it had on their life. This is where schools can add incentives to help move the needle in kids' lives. FSL partners have the option to participate in research surveys which provide relevant data for participating organizations.
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Detention Centers

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Professional Development

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Curriculum Designed to Make an Impact

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Dynamic Video Content
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Aligned to State Standards
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Engaging & Relevant Content for Students K-12
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Research backed Character, Leadership, & Mindset Curriculum
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Detailed Lesson Plans & Journal Notes for Easy Implementation
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Entire Curriculum Accessible on Our Online Platform
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Comprehensive Character, Leadership, and Mindset Curriculum

Utilizing technology, Five Star Life Video Curriculum is unique in the fact that lessons are available at your fingertips with a simple mouse click.  Why bog teachers down with yet another curriculum to prep and teach when FSL Video Curriculum has done all the work?

From at-risk to high-achieving, our curriculum is designed for ALL students. We tackle tough topics like suicide, trauma, and bullying, but also engage students in topics such as growth mindset, servant leadership, and mindfulness. Whether you are looking to implement this in a rural, suburban, urban, or homeschool environment FSL Video Curriculum is the perfect K-12 solution.

Our program includes professional development, peer mentor training, lesson worksheets, interactive activities for classrooms, and a dynamic online platform that streams lessons online.  By partnering with schools throughout the country, we have helped as many as 80% of entire school populations raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 or above. We have seen schools reduce discipline referrals by up to 70%. Research shows that students who participate in Five Star Life see academic increases, better school attendance (decrease in truancy), and fewer behavior issues.

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