Volunteer as a Coach

If you don’t make time for students who will?

The bar is high. We intentionally recruit high-capacity and driven people. Who else would we want to impact our students? We want people who are willing to sacrifice and make time because they believe they have something valuable to offer. From construction workers to college students, CEOs to restaurant waitresses, we have a variety of coaches who are changing lives every season.


Coach – Men and women who can lead a group of 6-8 students. You will be with your team of students for nearly every minute of the two-hour event. You must love to connect with and lead students. This is a 3-hour weekly time commitment.


Assistant Coach – Maybe you aren’t ready to lead a team but you would love to assist. This is a 3-hour weekly time commitment.

Hundreds of students signed up for Five Star last year but were turned away due to a lack of volunteer coaches!


Volunteer behind the scenes

Not sure being a Coach is the right area to serve? We have a variety of ways you can impact students as a volunteer.  Here are a few other ways you can impact students:

Activity Leaders – Have a special talent? If you have something unique to offer we might just be able to use your talent to engage students. This is a 2-hour weekly time commitment.


Summit Rotations – Love being outdoors? Have a passion for horses, boating, fishing, climbing around on the ropes course, archery, etc.? This is the opportunity for you!


Leadership Day Trip Volunteer – If you love trips and can sacrifice a few Saturdays throughout the year, this is for you. We need extra volunteers every time we take students on a day trip.


Administrative Assistant – Love working in an office setting? From making phone calls to sending out newsletters and filing information, you will do a little of everything.


Set-up Crew – Set-up crew is responsible for picking up the Five Star Life van, drive to the school and set-up sound equipment, banners, snacks and all other materials needed for the day.


Parent Champion – Parents are busy. We need to help them stay in the loop with our trips, events, and curriculum so everyone can fully benefit from all Five Star offers.


Day Camps

Teach students how to fish and ride horses, cheer them on as they climb a high rope and face their fears. Guide them as they learn to use a bow and arrow on the archery range.


Show them how to serve as they rake leaves, paint and clean, or as they learn to prepare meals, set-up and clean-up.

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