What Parents Are Saying

“As a family, Five Star helped us grow closer and develop a trusting relationship. In addition to helping our relationship, it’s helped him in school and with bullies. My son was a D & F student last year and now he is on the Principal’s Honor Roll this year. Wonderful program, we love it!” – Chanda W.

“Ah’leah has always been a very conscientious child. She cares for others and tries hard to stay on track. Five Star has helped her think about and plan for her future. It has been a wonderful program because it reinforces everything I have been teaching her as a widow. The extra people supporting what I’m doing as a parent is fantastic!” – Carista J.

“Bryan really loves Five Star! I see him working on his challenges each week, especially ones that involve the family, respect for us, and getting along with his brother. He loves his coach and the whole program. Thanks so much.” – Debbie J.

“My son will have this example in his life to help him to choose what kind of a man he will become. Thank you so much for giving him this gift that may seem to you so simple, but for this boy so vital at this time in his life.” – Kerry

“Hi! Just wanted to drop a line and THANK YOU and your staff.  I wasn’t quite sure what Cherish was signed up for exactly.  I LOVE the ideas included in your curriculum.  I’m a 7th grade special education teacher at Navarre Intermediate and I truly want to know when you will expand to include our school. Clearly this is the missing piece needed to help the children develop into whole people who are ready for life’s next step.  Rarely do they have the opportunity to identify and relate to who they are and this seems to be the overall theme throughout your program.  Again, I’m excited for Cherish and happy to be the mom that signs almost any permission slip so long as its something constructive…we hit The Jackpot :0) !!!” – Aesha S.

“I just wanted to write you to let you know what an impact you are making on Lainey.  While SHE did receive the Five Star Student of the Season award, I hope that the know that it was only by God’s grace and your gentle hands and hearts involvement with her that it was even possible.

This is the second year of Lainey being involved in Five Star.  Last year, I would say that she was a ‘participant’.  This year however, I was actually able to see her weighing her decisions and actions and how things related to the “Upgrade” theme of Five Star.  She has made better choices and has learned that sometimes small actions have large and looming consequences or beneficial outcomes.  She is better from her experiences with Five Star.  She is more confident, thoughtful, determined and focused on how she has responsibility for her actions and their outcomes.  I have been surprised at times by her deepness of thought.  She has made good choices…even when no one was looking.

Volunteering is time consuming and does not come with certain rewards.  I too volunteer and know I do it to serve others.  Nevertheless, it is so nice to know when you make a difference and I just wanted to let you know that you are good role models, coaches and friends to the girls in your group.  The girls have fun, feel safe, get encouragement and learn important concepts of life that are generally not even talked about.

Feel proud of yourselves as Lainey’s award is also a true reflection of your hard work and ability to invoke change and personal growth.  I am so proud of Lainey.  I love the girl she is presently and look forward to her future. Thank you again for being part of the village that cares enough to help raise Lainey.” – Debby P.

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If you don’t MAKE time for students who will? Five Star has a variety of ways you can impact students as a “Coach” or “Volunteer” behind the scenes.

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