The Problem

Every school day in the U.S.

7,000 students drop out

“The crisis we face in public education is a threat
to the very core of who we are as a nation…
it is the civil rights movement of today!”

– Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice 2

“The crisis we face in public education is a threat to the very core of who we are as a nation…it is the civil rights movement of today!”

– Condoleezza Rice


80% of first time drug abuse happens between

Ages 10-14


80% of first time drug abuse happens between



85% of all juvenile crime takes place between


As a nation, we pour BILLIONS of dollars into public education, but consistently fail to move the needle. Every few years, there is a new supposed “solution” to save our schools and our students.

Several years ago, educators blamed outdated technology for the reason why our school system was failing. Having heard this, Bill Gates decided to give $5 billion to update public school technology. Ten years later in a Wall Street Journal Article, Bill said that his $5 billion failed to move the needle at all. All this money was poured into schools and there was nothing to show for it!

The Solution

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The Five Star Solution

Five Star Life has a simple philosophy and solution to change the face of education. In order to truly move the needle, we must target the root of the educational crisis. At the core of every person’s success or failure is a mental and emotional operating system we call a mindset. Until public schools target and help students shift their mindsets, we will continue to fail! Students do not drop out of school, join gangs, and waste their lives because they do not have the capacity, but rather because no one has taught them how to think!

With our social and emotional learning curriculum as the driving force of all programming, Five Star Life serves over 17,000 kids weekly. Research shows that kids who participate in Five Star Life see academic increases, better school attendance, and less behavioral issues. We accomplish this by infusing the curriculum in all programming that addresses the sources of negative mindsets.

All programming focuses on 5 key areas:

  • At-risk Education & Academic Support

  • Workforce Readiness

  • Mentoring

  • Character Education

  • Experiential Learning

  • At-Risk Education & Academic Support
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Mentoring
  • Character Education
  • Experiential Learning

Our Programs:

• Video Curriculum for Classrooms

• Leadership Camps, Day Trips, and Summer Programming at Summit, our 300-acre leadership training facility

• Five Star Life Sports

• Five Star Life Leadership Club


This program attacks the problem on the forefront of every educator’s mind… student engagement. Our curriculum has helped thousands of students shift their mindset, which has resulted in students going from chronic academic failure to honor roll. Our curriculum is character education, social and emotional learning, climate building, and peer mentoring, all wrapped into one package.

A school implemented the Video Curriculum throughout the school day for its entire population for a year. School administration found that it had over 5,000 less disciplinary referrals than the previous academic year!

Five Star Life WORKS!


Designed to give kids the skills and platform to address complex issues as peer influencers in their school. The club itself offers several skill building training pods but will be centered around building healthy relationships and social interaction.


At Summit, we integrate the soft skills kids have developed through our social emotional learning, mindset, and character curriculum with a variety of specific hard skills (equine, archery, nature education, adventure, art, and many more). Summit provides the perfect on-ramp for kids to pursue and develop these hard skills, an introduction to a new world of possibilities, while also focusing on mindset development.


Using sports as a platform, Five Star Life Sports is teaching kids how to foster and nurture healthy mindsets to build leaders across the nation.

  • I LOVE the ideas included in your curriculum. I'm a 7th grade special education teacher at Navarre Intermediate and I truly want to know when you will expand to include our school. Clearly this is the missing piece needed to help the children develop into whole people who are ready for life's next step. Rarely do they have the opportunity to identify and relate to who they are and this seems to be the overall theme throughout your program.

    Aesha S. South Bend, IN
  • After several years of having the Five Star program in our building, we are convinced that Five Star is the program that we can’t live without at West Side Middle School. Students who participate in the program have shown a positive change in attitude, a desire to do better academically and a sense of respect for those around them. The success with our most at-risk students has been phenomenal!

    Kristie Stutsman West Side Middle School Principal, Elkhart, IN

Our Stats

Memorial Health Foundation funded a three year grant to measure impact and found the longer students participate in Five Star Life the higher student’s grades rise, the better their school attendance, and fewer behavioral problems occur. Our latest data reveals that over 70% of our students raised their GPA or maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher and schools decrease their discipline referrals by as much as 70%! In addition to discipline referrals, schools see upwards of 80% of their student body raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 GPA. Students who participate in Five Star Life see academic increases, better school attendance (decrease in truancy), and less behavioral issues!

Our Vision

For years, Five Star Life has received inquiries about establishing its program in cities across the country to help combat the national epidemic. In the spring of 2014, this vision became a reality with the acquisition of Summit, our leadership training facility in Union, Michigan. Now, teachers, principals, and schools can be trained at Summit and bring the Five Star Life model back to their communities, thus continuing the ripple effect.

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