Nature Education Director

Five Star Life is seeking an individual who’s ready to create a Nature Education Program from the ground up! This individual will plan, coordinate, and manage Nature Program activities, and will effectively lead a small staff - training, directing, and delegating as necessary.
Elkhart, IN
Full Time
Middle Management
Essential Job Functions
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Required Availability: FULL-TIME, most often weekdays (nights and weekends possible)

This job is ideal for someone who:

  1. Has a desire to build a new Nature Program, working with kids
  2. Sees value in hunting and archery, and advocates consistent safety
  3. Is comfortable working around water (specifically, a lake)
  4. Has knowledge of forestry
  5. Has knowledge surrounding birds of prey
  6. Has knowledge in deer management
  7. Has a knowledge surrounding fish, and of hatchery practices
  8. Has a knowledge of elk and bison (or is willing to learn)
  9. Is an overall “outdoorsy” person who loves and respects nature


  1. Prior similar work strongly preferred
  2. Effective communication via text, email, face-to-face, and in team/group settings
  3. Impeccable personal care (i.e. hygiene, dress, etc.) 
  4. Reliable transportation between properties - which include the Five Star Life Office (Elkhart, IN), Summit Commercial Areas (Union, MI), and the Five Star Life Early Learning Center (Osceola, IN)
  5. Heartfelt desire to encourage students to live their best life - the Five Star Life

Essential Job Functions: 

  1. Manage the planning, development, and execution of Nature Education programming, staffing, and scheduling
  2. Supervise Nature Education programming and day-to-day operations
  3. Monitor, keep organized, and maintain a consistent quantity of programming supplies and necessary equipment

All Five Star Life or Summit Employees and Volunteers must complete the following requirements: 

  1. Submit an application
  2. Submit to a background check
  3. Take part in an in-person interview
  4. If necessary, take part in a working interview
  5. Take part in Orientation
  6. Electronically sign the Five Star Life Playbook
  7. If necessary, take ar in Curriculum Implementer Training

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