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Five Star Life Basketball, as with all of Five Star Life’s programs, focuses on shifting mindsets. While the skills we develop might be impressive and give us notoriety, it is crucial for students to realize that they are more than the sports they play and that a positive mindset is the only way they will truly succeed on and off the court.


By integrating the Five Star Life academic, character, and leadership curriculum throughout the season, we are devoted to equipping our athletes with tools that go far beyond basketball. This culture of peer mentoring, social and emotional learning, and climate building is the very makeup of Five Star Life Basketball.

Five Star Life Basketball’s OBJECTIVES:


  • TEACH THE GAME. Kids WANT to learn! We teach them the why behind an action, move, and offensive concept.
  • CELEBRATE CREATIVITY. We want play makers, not play runners.
  • ENCOURAGE ENCOURAGEMENT. End every drill and segment with players and coaches encouraging each other.


In its short existence, Five Star Life players have received over $2,000,000 in scholarships to play at 18 different universities in 8 states!

“The problem with youth sports is we create a false identity within our student athletes that they ARE the sport… they are basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. Five Star Life teaches students to develop an identity based on their character rather than on a sport that at some point will end.”

– Kevin Brandy, Five Star Basketball Director


Customized practices focused on the implementation of team specific offenses, proper shooting technique, skill development, academic accountability, all tied together by our research-based leadership curriculum!


Every coach is screened, trained, and mentored in our proven methodology of working with student athletes!



Research tells us that in order to maximize the potential within our youth, it is vital for them to be in environments that allow them to form healthy relational connections with both peers and adults. Historically, travel team rosters consist of the area’s top players by skill. At FSL Basketball, we approach team dynamics with intentionality because, in order to play at an elite level, there must be an emphasis on creating substantial bonds between players. FSL Coaches are committed to changing the mindsets of our players to not only benefit them as leaders but benefit the program as a whole.


We are not only creating exceptional basketball players, we are helping your student play at their highest level.  This is accomplished through our emphasis on servant leadership. Students will be challenged to develop servant leadership skills that will benefit them in life… on and off the court.




Providing experiences for both boys and girls grades 3-11th. Currently playing in the Midwest Adidas Circuit, our student athletes compete against the best talent in the nation. While in season, we practice locally in the Michiana area 1-2 times per week.


These learning environments are designed for both beginner and experienced players. Each training session caters to the specific needs of all student athletes involved. Skills covered: (but not limited to) ball handling, shooting mechanics, passing & catching, and finishing techniques are all incorporated throughout personal and group training. These incredible opportunities are predominantly posted on our basketball social media accounts, @5StarLifeBball. Questions? Email basketball@fivestarlife.org


Our Vision

Over 7000 Students Drop Out Of School Every Day

If you don’t MAKE time for students who will? Five Star has a variety of ways you can impact students as a “Coach” or “Volunteer” behind the scenes.

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