Celebrate Your Diversity

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Every person has a story. What we see day to day at work, in the grocery store, at school, or on social media is just a snippet of a person’s story and experiences. When we look at the surface of another human, we may not see the dynamic diversity they truly carry: where they were born, who they grew up with, where they have traveled, the people they have loved, the concerts they’ve attended, the people they have lost. These vital pieces of the person’s life puzzle may never be know unless we take the time to search and actively listen to another’s story. And, when a person is asked and is vulnerable enough to dump all the pieces of their puzzle out on the table and tell their stories, we are able to deepen relationships and see the world from another’s view.

My mom and I were recently working on a puzzle. It was of the towers on the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. On the puzzle, they were ornate with bright, swirling colors placed before a crystal blue sky. Mom and I did pretty good with putting the pieces together of the towers. We admired our work and began on the sky. And promptly gave up! There were no clouds, no birds or airplanes, just blue. The puzzle sat untouched for a few weeks until we decided to just do it. One of the main reasons we decided to put in the extra effort was because the puzzle was not complete. It looked good, but it was lacking. And when the last piece of that blue sky was placed, the puzzle was beautiful. It was whole. It’s story had been told and my mom and I were better for it.

When you have interactions this week, think about the pieces of the people around you that you have not seen. Take a moment to let someone share their story and give you a better understanding of what they look like completed. Be vulnerable and share pieces of yourself as well. As Coach Seth said, “Celebrate your diversity and celebrate the diversity in others.” Trust me, you will be better for it.

Great things take time, Coach K

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