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Our Five Star Coaches come from all different walks of life, just like our students. Through their many life experiences and intense Five Star training, they are equipped to guide students to their highest academic and personal achievements and they are passionate about it! We ensure that our coaches have character, can connect with students, and have the capability of helping them reach their greatest potential.

Today, we share the story of Cassidy, a Five Star Coach who has been an inspiration for students, helping many of them see the light at the end of the tunnel called middle school.

Life wasn’t always easy for Cassidy. Middle school was a tough time for her… really a tough time for any girl. She didn’t always feel worthy and even suffered from self-harm and eating disorders. Unfortunately, these are very common issues in middle school these days, issues that we see at Five Star Life every day.

Luckily for Cassidy, she was able to get to the other side of her problems and overcome those obstacles in her life. Now a Five Star Life Coach, she wants to give hope to any middle school girl that may be suffering from the same things that she suffered from. “I want to pour into the middle school age group! It’s a huge challenge seeing these girls come in so broken and their hearts are so raw, but it has been such an amazing reward to see them transform their lives.”

She has found that by sharing her story with her students, they are able to see she is human just like them and that she has shared in their struggles and pain. They respect her and feel safe to open up to her because of this. “I’ve found that by sharing my story, I’m helping these girls blossom and feel hope to get to the other side.” Some changes are quick and some take time, but she holds on to the fact that if she keeps pouring into her students, they will eventually feel their worth and reach their full potential.

She will be starting college in the fall, majoring in mental health. Being a Five Star Coach has given her a passion and desire to fulfill her many talents and abilities, helping her focus on what she wants to do with her future.

We are so grateful for Coach Cassidy and all of the other incredible coaches that impact Five Star students. These coaches are game changers that sacrifice their time to help students, many of whom they’ve never met before. These coaches allow us at Five Star to challenge students academically, socially, and emotionally to be the very best versions of themselves. Tonight, we will be hosting our Coach Training at Summit, our training facility. Coaches across Michiana will come to Summit, be trained to lead, and take the Five Star model back to their communities… continuing the ripple effect and causing monumental change!

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