It’s the Beginning of the Journey!

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This time of year is always such an exciting time for the staff because it’s another year of impact… another year of possibilities… another year of culture change. While we always strive for more students and better ways to reach them, we reflect on the last school year and realize our impact was huge.

At the afterschool program, our students averaged an 89% attendance rate, 71% of our students raised their GPA or maintained a 3.0 or higher, and 75% of students completed their weekly challenge steps.

The Video Curriculum for Classrooms program also showed incredible results. Entire schools were able to pinpoint root issues holding students back and once those issues were identified, they saw disciplinary referrals decrease, academic success increase, and significant attendance improvements. One of FSL’s newest Video Curriculum schools in Michigan had a 68% decrease in discipline referrals, 75% decrease in chronic truancy this year, and 79% of students raised their GPA or maintained a 3.0 or higher. Two years ago, FSL was serving under 3,000 students. This year, FSL is serving over 10,000 students. The numbers don’t lie. The numbers show direct impact.

The whole journey as a FSL student, staff member, and volunteer is full circle. The journey starts in the fall, leading up to Leadership Day Trips throughout the year and culminates at Summit Life Leadership Camp. At FSL, we love the beginning of the journey. While the beginning of the journey can oftentimes be the hardest, it gives you the most satisfaction when you look back and realize how far students have come.

Some students start FSL with failing grades – they immediately check out of school because they don’t think they are “smart.” Other students start FSL with plummeting self-esteem because someone told them they were worthless or ugly and they began to believe them. Some students just need a little boost to push them to the next level, someone to hold them accountable and keep them on track… this part of the journey is SO important and one that we are ready to begin!

FSL programming will be beginning in schools soon and there is still time to be a part of it in many different capacities. To learn more about Five Star, CLICK HERE. To volunteer, CLICK HERE. To get FSL programming in your school, CLICK HERE. You can be a part of the impact and change going on in your community! You can help change students’ mindsets and help them on their track to success! The need is great but the answer is clear – join us on this Five Star journey, you won’t regret it!

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