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Lucy is Five Star Life in full circle. Her Five Star journey started in middle school, took her through the High School Leadership program and eventually led her to being a Five Star Coach. “When I transitioned into becoming a coach it was so natural to me and it just felt right that I could share my own journey and help others find their own path and grow.” Students’ lives have changed right in front of her eyes and she has loved watching the impact week after week and actually being a part of it.

From being in the Five Star program, Lucy has been able to watch the tremendous impact it’s had on her own life. “In the beginning it was a cool place to hang out with my friends but then it evolved into a huge learning experience. By the time I went to 8th grade I could see how much I improved as a person and how I wasn’t the same.”

Through a huge emphasis on academics through the “Grade Challenge” (maintaining a 3.0 or higher), Lucy was able to realize the importance of doing well in school. Lucy will be starting college in the fall and wants to be a teacher. “Five Star opened my eyes to see that teaching is what I was meant to do. During my second year of being a Five Star coach, it was just like a light bulb went off. I saw what my future could be and wanted to make the world a better place.”

Lucy’s story is just one of many. Lucy saw the impact that Five Star had on her life and wanted to be able to help continue this shift in perspective. We are so proud of Lucy and the many others that have answered the call to impact others.

The need is great and the answer is clear! We literally can’t do the afterschool program without volunteer coaches. With a small staff, we rely on the generosity and passion of these coaches to help students make better decisions, improve their grades, and realize their potential. Do you want to cause a change in the lives of students in your area? Do you want to make a HUGE impact? Will you answer the call?

We need more volunteer coaches! Many of our schools kick-off in just a few weeks. To become a volunteer coach and make a real impact, visit our website and fill out an application! We guarantee the Five Star journey will be well worth it!

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