Will YOU Help More Students “Tell Their Story?”

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Every student that goes through the Five Star program has a story. We put great emphasize on this fact and we encourage all students to “tell their story.” Everyone’s story is unique to them and everyone’s story is important. We tell students that by sharing “their story”, they can literally change someone’s life!

Anna has a great Five Star story. She is a purpose-driven individual that has overcome many difficulties in a very short amount of time. She is a strong, yet quiet leader at Five Star. She leads by example through kindness, gentleness, and grit. Though her life has not been easy, she has never let it be an excuse to stop working hard and persevering. Anna’s story is a story of determination and one that can teach everyone a lesson!

Last year, Anna and her family found themselves homeless. Her mom struggled to make ends meet no matter how hard she worked. To most people, this would feel like rock bottom, but Anna and her family were going to persevere and get through this seemingly impossible time.

After a while, they were finally able to move into a two-bedroom house with a friend and her family. It was quite a ways away from Anna’s school so her mom would drop her off just for Five Star so she could stay in the program and then she would take public transportation to get home each week. Her mom worked nights so she would have to leave Five Star early to go home and take care of her siblings. This level of responsibility for someone as young as Anna just shows the type of person she is. Anna knew the importance of having Five Star in her life and the positive impact it was having so she made sacrifices to get there week after week.

She carried the same determination to Summit Life Leadership Camp this summer. Whether she was on the Ropes Course or working on Team Building Challenges, she shined. She pushed herself at every Leadership Experience, she encouraged others, she celebrated in others’ victories, and she accomplished far more than she could have ever imagined. She was not passive or quiet, she was a true leader! She found her voice and found a great balance between sharing her ideas and helping make other’s ideas work to make the team succeed.

Leaving Summit Life Leadership Camp, Anna has made great strides for this new school year and has set goals for what she wants for her own family. Through hard work, pitfalls, falling down and getting back up, Anna’s mom was able to buy a house. Anna’s story is truly just beginning!

Five Star is making a true impact on students’ lives throughout the country. If you would like to help more students “share their Five Star story”, $18/month sponsors a student for a year, $54/month sponsors 3 students for a year! Click here to get started!


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