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At the beginning of Five Star, I didn’t have any friends… I was a loner. I’ve had a bunch of problems and also suffer from O.D.D (Oppositional Defiance Disorder). Five Star has helped me become more respectful and has shown me how to deal with all the challenges that I face. One of the Challenge Steps was to do something nice for our parents, something I’ve struggled with. I decided to take my whole family out to dinner since we were kinda tight on money at the time. When my mom smiled at me and said, ‘Thank you’, it really meant a lot to me. Five Star has really flipped my life around.” – Nik     

Five Star Life students go on a journey. The journey starts in the fall, leading up to Leadership Day Trips throughout the year and culminates at Summit Life Leadership Camp. This journey is not easy. This journey forces students to examine their lives, interpret the crucial lessons being taught, and figure out how it can constructively fit into their lives. These lessons cause a shift in perspective. These lessons challenge students to answer the tough questions like: “How do I want to impact the people around me?” and “How will I open a door for my future?” These lessons change lives!

At Five Star, we go on these journeys with all of our students. These students come from all different walks of life. Some students start with failing grades… some students have wrestled with thoughts of suicide… some students come from amazing and supportive families… some students just need a little more guidance. Our job is to equip each of these unique and incredible students with tools to use in their daily lives. We see a leader in each and every student and we want the students to see this in themselves.

We just wrapped up three impactful Summit Life Leadership Camps where students’ lives were completely changed. They get to go into the next school year with fresh eyes and a new perspective. It’s so important to remember the journey though as these students work to reach their destinations full of promise and success. Each journey is unique and each student is a world-changer. Lets hear from some of our students over the past year about their Five Star Life journeys: 

Five Star challenges you and pushes you forward. They won’t let you give up.” – Anastasia

Five Star has helped me to become a better person, teaching me to be courageous, to be respectful and responsible, as well as showing integrity.” – Olivia

Five Star has impacted my life a lot because in school I started with an F in Math and by the end of the year it was up to an A.” – Jordan

“I get bullied a lot and Coach Seth told me some steps to take to let go of my anger and not let it get to me. Some people don’t like who I am and some do, but Five Star has made me realize how special I am.” – Blaize

If you would like to join us on these students’ journeys, $18/month sponsors a student for a year, $54/month sponsors 3 students for a year. The need is great and the answer is clear! Join us on this journey! Help change the course of students’ lives across the country! Help us impact more students! Five Star is helping students every single day. Think about the impact you can have on a student’s life! Click here to start on your own Five Star Life journey.

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