Five Star Coach Highlight: Coach John

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Today, we wanted to take a few minutes and honor one of our most impactful veteran coaches, Coach John! Coach John has served Five Star faithfully for over 7 years! Five Star isn’t just a job for him – it’s much, much more. He has given his life to Five Star as he and his wife, Coach Katie, serve thousands of students, challenging them to live their best lives, care about their academics, and make the world a better place.

One of his areas of expertise is the Ropes Course at Summit, our leadership training facility. During this leadership experience, it is his job to equip students and teams to conquer this vigorous course and keep them safe! With over 38 elements, the Ropes Course is definitely one of the most challenging experiences at Summit. While students are 40-feet up in the air, you can always hear Coach John encouraging them, talking through fears, and cheering the loudest as students go through the course.

Coach John knows it’s not about students swinging around on a Ropes Course, but what students will gain through this experience that they can take with them throughout their lives. These experiences help students grow as leaders. It gives them the courage to face the world with confidence. It changes lives. Not only are students given opportunities they might not otherwise have, they walk away realizing they are capable of accomplishing far more than they have ever imagined.

Thank you, Coach John, for all you do for Five Star and our students. You are changing the world through the students you serve! Let’s hear what some of the Five Star staff has to say about Coach John:

“No matter what school, student, volunteer, coach, or parent that John is connecting with, he is genuine, and gives them his all. Five Star hasn’t been just a job for him, but a mission that he has owned. He continually inspires me as he strives to make a difference everywhere he goes, especially as a husband and a father. John is strong, devoted, and an incredible leader. It is a true honor to be his wife.” – Coach Katie

“John has a gift of engaging all kinds of students.  He has a big heart and will drop everything to help someone in need.  He’s a gifted communicator and has a way of being crazy/goofy one second but serious the next.  He’s especially incredible at coaching students through our high ropes course.  I’ve seen him work magic in getting terrified students to conquer their gre  atest fears.  These are just a few reason’s he’s made such an impact on students!” – Coach Seth

“John is a servant leader. He practices this in everything that he does for FSL. He has a special connection with students and coaches and is a great asset to our team. He lives out our values and encourages all that he leads to do the same. He is a young and passionate leader.” – Coach Mia

“Watching John with the students is really an awesome experience. He has a way of connecting with them and leading them, but in a subtle way. It’s really easy to tell that the students not only look up to him, they respect him and want to make him proud.” – Coach Aubrey

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