Summit Life Leadership Camp: Not Your Average Camp Experience!

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This week we will be kicking off our first Summit Life Leadership Camp of the summer! We have been prepping all year for this week and we are so excited for our campers to arrive! Our Leadership Camps are special and VERY different than any other camps these students have been to before.

For many of our students, this week is a chance to get away from it all. It’s a chance to recharge, regroup, and receive powerful messages of hope and endurance that they can carry with them through the next school year.

This week, students will be presented with opportunities to face their fears and put their leadership skills to test through various experiential leadership rotations. Each leadership rotation is considered a classroom and is tied to the our curriculum so students are learning through experience with very intentional steps. There are values associated with each rotation that can change lives! We are so excited for our students to experience the power of Summit!

Students will be able to take everything they have learned throughout the year, examine it, interpret how it fits into their lives, and then put it into practice. Throughout this incredible week, student’s coaches will be encouraging and pushing them every step of the way. Not only will students be given opportunities they might not otherwise have, they will walk away realizing they are capable of accomplishing far more than they have ever imagined.

When they are pushed to the limit, when they are stretched further than they ever could have imagined, they begin to grow in character and begin to realize that they are capable of reaching their goals and dreams! We encourage all of our students to dream big and we show them how to accomplish their dreams! We tell students to make decisions with integrity, to take responsibility for their academics, and to be strong leaders, even when it’s not popular.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media for special updates and photos from Leadership Camp!

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