Dropping Disciplinary Referrals by 68%!

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Are you ready to transform the culture of your school? Are you ready to take your school from mediocre to excellent? Are you ready to challenge your students academically and socially by helping them develop their leadership abilities?

We have already seen great success with the schools that have implemented the FSL Video Curriculum for Classrooms:

  • Schmucker Middle School saw their referrals decrease from 302 in 2015 to 172 in 2016, a 43% decrease.
  • Greene Intermediate Center saw their referrals decrease from 175 in 2015 to 138 in 2016, a 21% decrease.
  • Laker Jr. High School saw their referrals decrease from 72 in 2015 to 23 in 2016, a 68% decrease.
  • The Crossing saw 81% of students increase the number of credits they earned per semester, or graduate and 70% of students received fewer discipline referrals than the previous semester.

Getting the FSL Video Curriculum for Classrooms is easy to implement in your school! By following a few steps, the Video Curriculum can be integrated in your classroom and your students can develop their leadership abilities, be challenged to make decisions with character, and to live a Five Star Life!

STEP 1: Train the Trainer

One school representative (the FSL Coordinator) is chosen by the principal to coordinate and ensure FSL Video Curriculum is implemented with fidelity.  The FSL Coordinator will then attend a full-day leadership training where they learn how to implement the FSL program in their school.  The FSL Coordinator will leave this training day empowered with a step-by-step playbook and a network of educators who will implement the curriculum in their school!

STEP 2: FSL Coordinator Trains the Faculty

By utilizing the FSL Training Curriculum, the trainer introduces and trains the faculty in their role of coaching student leaders.  The faculty then selects 3-4 “student leaders” within each classroom that facilitate a peer team of 3-5 students.

STEP 3: Student Leaders

Student Leaders are chosen based on recognized leadership ability and consist of students involved with National Honor Society, student government, or extracurricular leadership (sports, fine arts, etc.). It is the responsibility of the FSL Coordinator to train “student leaders” for their role of leading their peers.  Student Leaders are then responsible to help their peers engage, process, and complete the curriculum notes and challenge steps, and are responsible to utilize tracking tools to measure team progress.

More and more schools are contracting with Five Star Life to bring the Video Curriculum into THEIR SCHOOLS! For more information on FSL Video Curriculum and how to get it in YOUR school, please visit our website or contact us info@fivestarlife.org.

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