Woodland Elementary’s Summit Leadership Day!

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Woodland Elementary came out for a Leadership Day at Summit and had an incredible time! Gayla Konanz is an educator at Woodland and had this to say about the Leadership Day:

“One of the young men in our group swore to me he would not get near the Ropes Course. He explained to me that he was petrified of heights. I encouraged him to make small goals…. Start with just putting on the harness… Go up the stairs… Stand on the platform. He refused to even think about it!

He was not in my group, so I found him later and asked how it went. He said he made it halfway up the stairs and had to come back down. He looked defeated. I reminded him that he had initially refused to even get near the course and that he had made it part way up the stairs! We discussed how we need to celebrate the little steps in overcoming fears. We processed how he can do this in his life too. He also talked with the Five Star coaches as well. This is what sets Five Star apart from other programs.

This young man was encouraged by the coaches and they took his step to overcome his fear of heights to a deeper meaning, one connected to his everyday life. The Ropes Course is not only a fun experience, it is a learning tool to help students live their best life. To see they do not have to be afraid, but that they have the strength to push through when they are afraid. This is a powerful lesson! Without Five Star our students wouldn’t get this opportunity for growth.”

We would love to have your school experience a Summit Leadership Day! For scheduling, go to the Five Star Life website, click on Summit, and fill out the Schedule a Summit Leadership Event button!

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