Changing School Culture Through Character Education

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Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s never a dull moment?” At FSL, this saying always rings true. We are in the process of wrapping up Awards Nights, gearing up for Summit Life Leadership Camps, and looking to next year with our Video Curriculum for Classrooms. Now is the time to get the Video Curriculum for YOUR SCHOOL. Some of our latest data shows:

–  One of FSL’s newest Video Curriculum schools in Michigan had a 68% decrease in discipline referrals, 75% decrease in chronic truancy this year, and 79% of students raised their GPA or maintained a 3.0 or higher.

– Two years ago, FSL was serving under 3,000 students. This year, FSL is serving over 10,000 students!

76% of teachers reported FSL Video Curriculum “provided a platform to increase my connection with students.”

– Over 89% of teachers reported “FSL Video Curriculum provided a common set of values for our student body to live by.” 

Now, some may ask, “What is this Video Curriculum?” So, we have compiled a list of Q & A’s to give you a better of idea of what we are doing in schools throughout the country!


Simply put, the FSL Video Curriculum is a learning tool that schools are using to reach their students. It’s an answer to a need. FSL listened to schools and principals asking for a common language to promote values, addING a component of Social Emotional Learning, and an avenue for more student-teacher involvement, helping to promote a positive school culture based on FSL’s Core Values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage.


The FSL Video Curriculum is available to students from 5th to 12th grade.


Students are not valuing themselves which, in turn, means they are not valuing their education. We are not just dealing with an education problem, we are dealing with a character problem. 7,000 students drop out of school every school day. The implications of this statistic are staggering. FSL is in the prevention game, not the regulation game. If FSL can reach these students before high school, their chance of success skyrockets! Through the FSL Video Curriculum, we are already seeing the incredible results coming in from students across the country!


The FSL Video Curriculum is cutting edge, easy to use for teachers and faculty, and most of all, relevant to students. FSL has created endless opportunities for school districts to instill character education, social emotional learning, and leadership traits in their students. Entire school populations can learn about character values, be challenged to use them in their daily lives, and become a game changer not just in their schools, but in their families, communities, and ultimately, the nation! The Video Curriculum includes 33 of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets and teaches 18 Life Skills through FSL’s Core Values.

How can I get it in my school?

It’s SO SIMPLE! Visit our website and go to our FSL Video Curriculum page under the “What We Do” tab to see samples, read statistics, and get started with our FSL Video Curriculum for YOUR school!

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