The Power of Five Star Life Day Trips!

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We had an AMAZING season of Day Trips! Check out the incredible story below from one our FSL students about the fears she conquered at Summit:

“Last weekend, I went to Summit with my school for a Day Trip. I had so many fears. My first fear I conquered was boating. I was scared that the boat would be going to tip over but Coach Aubrey kept telling me that I will be okay. And I accomplished my fears for boating which I’m not afraid of anymore.

The second thing that I was scared of was the High Ropes Course. When I went on the High Ropes Course I had a lot of fear. It was raining and the rain was hitting a log that I had to cross. I stopped and couldn’t cross the log. I started to break down in tears, but I had so many thoughts in my head telling me, “Don’t be afraid! You can do this!”

There were so many people telling me that I could do so I stopped crying and crossed the log! After, I had to cross another element. I thought it would tip over and, just like what happened to me on the log, I broke down in tears. Next, I had to go down a zip line… I didn’t want to finish the course.

My brain was telling me, “You’ll be alright. You can do this.” Moments later, I decided to trust myself and jump down!

Once I climbed the stairs I saw two terrified girls crying just like I did. I told them that they could do it and to just believe in themselves.

I finished the final elements without crying and finally got to the two-person zip line. Coach Frederick jumped with me. Instead of crying, I was screaming, “Woo-hoo!”

I was so happy that I faced my fear of the Ropes Course! My fears were gone! After I was finished, I decided to encourage another girl that were scared of the Ropes Course. I was standing at the bottom telling her “You can do it! Believe in yourself!” I also told her that if she could go down the zipline, I would buy her a bag of chips.” When she went down, I gave her a hug.

I would like to thank all the Coaches at Summit for helping me face my fears and also learn Five Star lessons. Five Star has had an incredible impact on me. It means a lot to me to be a part of Five Star. I love this program and next year I will join because I want to continue learning lessons. Our lesson Is Love Your Life which I have been doing and following.. I will continue to be a role model to others. Thank you guys so much. I love Five Star!”

This is why we do what we do! We are helping students take their lives to the next level. Students leave Summit feeling EMPOWERED, knowing that they can conquer any challenges they face in life.

Want to get involved and make a difference? It’s SO easy! To become a coach, or to learn other ways to volunteer your time, please fill out a Volunteer Application on our website, In addition, if you have a FSL story to share, go to the Share Your Story page. Your story could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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