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Last weekend, we hosted students from Discovery, Concord, Schmucker, John Young, and Grissom Middle Schools for a Day Trip at Summit, our leadership training facility! It was an incredible day of growth for the students as they put their leadership skills to the test, faced fears, and conquered obstacles!

Day Trips are specifically designed for students to practice what they have learned throughout the year with FSL’s Curriculum and apply it to real life! Through experiential learning opportunities, students are able to take what they have learned, figure out how it fits in their lives, and apply it.

Each leadership rotation is considered a classroom and is tied to the FSL Curriculum so students are learning through experience with very intentional steps. There are values associated with each rotation that can change lives. Throughout all of the Summit Learning Centers, student’s coaches are encouraging and pushing them every step of the way to their greatest potential.

With the weather getting nicer, we would LOVE to take you on a tour of Summit. Each week, we are making new improvements with continued renovations for all of the students and groups that will be served at Summit. For more information, please call 574-266-4038 or visit our website!

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