Hitting the Bullseye at Summit’s Target Learning Center

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 Everything we do at Five Star Life is intentional and we believe everything we do should have purpose. We challenge students to own their academic success, take responsibility for their actions, and be leaders in their classrooms, homes, and communities. Through Summit’s experiential learning opportunities, students are able to build up their leadership abilities by  putting into practice these invaluable lessons.

One of our most impactful rotations at Summit is the Target Learning Center. In partnership with USA Archery/US Junior Olympics, the Target Learning Center provides an excellent opportunity for students to participate in an activity they may not have experienced before, all the while instilling our Core Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, courage).

Ray Kiendl, the archery instructor at Summit, is a USA Archery Level 2 Coach with 40 years of archery experience. “The goal is for students to perform in archery and other target sports with a high degree of success while instilling the Core Values. The current and primary focus during archery is integrity, who you are when no one is looking.”

The Target Learning Center rotation is not only a student favorite, but very special for several reasons. Archery is one of the few sports where mastery does not require a high level f physical strength. While a certain amount of physical upper body strength is necessary, any person, large, small, or physically challenged, can gain a high level of success with the type of training offered at Summit.

“The beauty of this rotation is to see a student who walks onto the range with an obvious low level of self-esteem and to see the same student walk away an hour later with their head held high after just hitting the bullseye several times.”

Archery not only gives students confidence, it teaches them to be respectful of others and responsible for the pieces of equipment they are using. While these lessons may seem small, they translate into real life. As students focus on the bullseye in hopes of hitting the target, students will focus on their goals and dreams to make them a reality.

Ray has done incredible things with the Target Learning Center rotation. He has certified 18 Level 1 Coaches with a personal goal that every coach interacting with students will be at least a Level 1 Certified Coach. Ray, thank you for all that you have done for Five Star Life students. We are grateful that you give your time so freely to instill crucial Core Values in these students!

Students, educators, youth groups, and others can utilize Summit throughout the year. To learn more about Summit or to schedule a tour, please visit the Summit Page!

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