The Value in Volunteering: Brian’s Story

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Volunteers are completely essential to the success of FSL. These selfless volunteer coaches willingly give of their time to instill character values and leadership qualities in students through our afterschool program, Summit Day Trips, and Summit Life Leadership Camps. They mentor students and guide them to their greatest potential, all the while challenging them to be the best versions of themselves.

One of our most faithful coaches is Brian. Brian heard about FSL while listening to the radio over seven years ago and felt called to action. He saw what was going on in schools throughout the country and felt heartbroken. “I blamed the teachers, the administration, the government, and even the students.”

After procrastinating out of fear, he finally decided to take the leap and make steps in becoming a FSL coach. “After volunteering and working with the students from within the schools, my attitude towards everything I felt was responsible for the problems in schools was proven false. The problems within schools are not a result of anything other than a community ignoring their own contributions by not being actively involved in resolving them.”

Throughout his time as a volunteer coach for FSL, he feels that he has learned quite a lot. “FSL has taught me the meaning of sacrifice and built up my courage. It isn’t easy but so rewarding to see students who would have failed and dropped out of the system turn their whole life around.”

He sees FSL students not just “getting by” but living at a higher level because someone believed in them and told them they have great value.

“Every student matters and the only way to make sure they know it is to share your experience with them! I am so grateful for having the opportunity to do this and thanks to FSL for helping me Love My Life!”

Brian has been a faithful volunteer for seven years now and we are grateful for him! Katie, FSL Director of Events, said:

“Brian is not only a faithful coach, but comes to Summit Life nearly every Tuesday. He’s not just showing up, he is always engaging students and coaches as well as being “ALL IN” himself. He is one of the most caring people I know. He has such a big heart, and it is an honor to have him serve our students!”

Paul, FSL Head Coach, said:

Brian is the best! He has been apart of Five Star Life for a long time! He is heavily involved! He has been coaching at Concord for many years. He brings so much wisdom and value to the students. Even with the most challenging students, Brian never gives up on them and is constantly trying to bring out the best! Every year he is always sponsoring  students to go to camp. Best part is he never wants people to know that he supports them.”

Brian, thank you for showing up week after week for students. You are making more of an impact than you know!

To become a Five Star Life coach, or to learn other ways to volunteer your time, please fill out a Volunteer Application on our website. In addition, if you have a Five Star Life story to share, go to the Share Your Story page. Your story could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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