How Our Leadership Platform is Impacting Students of All Ages!

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One of the most incredible features of the Video Curriculum for Classrooms is how accessible it is for students of all ages. While the FSL afterschool program is open to middle school students, the Video Curriculum is available for students from 5th-12th grade, thus impacting ENTIRE schools! This feature has become a game changer for so many students.

Latosha Bonds is an administrator at Memorial High School in Elkhart, Indiana. Memorial is the first high school that implemented the Video Curriculum for Classrooms and they have already seen incredible results!

At first, Latosha thought that FSL was just another program, but after the FSL teacher training she started to understand what FSL could potentially do for her students. “I was excited to see what this could for the culture in our building. For me, I thought this was a great opportunity and it turned out to be something really good!”

With the Video Curriculum, student leaders are chosen by teachers to help implement and facilitate the program. Latosha is excited about the way her student leaders have taken ownership of the program. They lead and keep their peers on course. “Students, who we weren’t sure how they would do as leaders, have really stepped up, not just during Five Star, but in the classroom, cafeteria, and hallway.”

She has seen students make complete transformations, going from students that used to lead others in a negative direction to students that make positive choices and encourage others to do the same. “I have so many students who wouldn’t talk or participate at the beginning and are now coming up to me asking to be student leaders.”

Peer mentoring is a pillar to the Video Curriculum for Classrooms and one of the reasons it has been so successful. “Overall, I see the Video Curriculum is becoming a positive thing with our students and student leaders.”

Student behavior has definitely changed and it is starting to sink in with the students participating in the Video Curriculum. “It’s been great to see students reflect and think about their actions. It wasn’t always happening with these kids. I’m not saying they get it right every time, but they’re thinking about it and understanding why they’re making those decisions. It’s powerful!”

Latosha, thank you for your dedication to your students and for implementing the Video Curriculum for Classrooms with FIDELITY! You are a game changer for your school!

More and more schools are contracting with FSL to bring the Video Curriculum into THEIR SCHOOLS! For more information, please visit our Video Curriculum page. For our current schools implementing the FSL Video Curriculum, if you have a story to share about your school, please send them to us at on our Share Your Story page! 

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