The Power of a Mentor: A Volunteer Coach’s Experience

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At FSL, we realize we would not be able to reach a fraction of the students we serve if it were not for our incredible coaches (our volunteer mentors). These coaches dedicate their time, resources, and energy to serve students during the afterschool program, at Summit, and the other programs FSL offers throughout the year.

Our coaches are dedicated to the students being served and help them reach their highest personal and academic achievements. Through these coaches and our curriculum, the FSL Core Values are instilled into students week after week!

One of our veteran volunteer coaches, Coach John, shared some of his experiences over the past five years with Coach Seth on the FSL Radio Show. He decided to be a coach because he wanted to be there for students who were looking for someone to look up to.

“So many kids come in and they’re looking for something to grasp onto, for someone to tell them that they can be anything they want to be.  It’s sad today when you see students that don’t believe that.”

“I tell students all the time, you can be anything you want, you just have to make some positive changes. I’ve seen kids go from straight F’s to A’s and B’s all because they started making some small, positive changes in their lives.”

These small changes range from studying a little bit more, hanging around people with similar priorities, and completing the FSL Challenge Steps.  

Even if some of the students do not understand the importance of the Challenge Steps at first, after they start doing them, they notice a difference in their lives. “When the students see that their positive actions benefit them, they want more of it!”

Coach John also stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with people that want the same things in life as you. “I tell the students that if you have positive people in your life, they are going to lift you up. As they lift you up, you will also lift them up. Students begin to realize they can magnetize each other’s growth just by helping each other out.”

Coach John has dedicated himself to FSL because he sees the impact that we are having on a weekly basis. Students’ grades are improving, disciplinary referrals are going down, and attendance is going up. Students are realizing their potential. They are realizing that if they make a small series of positive choices, their lives will change! Sometimes, students just need to hear that they can be anything they want to be. All our students hear these things from their coaches. The power of a coach can totally change a student’s life!

Thank you for your dedication to FSL, Coach John! Want to get involved and make a difference? It’s SO easy! To become a coach, or to learn other ways to volunteer your time, please fill out a Volunteer Application on our website, In addition, if you have a FSL story to share, go to the Share Your Story page. Your story could be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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