Teaching Students Crucial Values Through Our Curriculum!

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Our Video Curriculum for Classrooms is making a HUGE impact in schools across the country. Recently, Gayla, an educator and social worker, joined Coach Seth on the Five Star Radio Show to speak to the impact that the Video Curriculum is having at her school during its first year of implementation.

Gayla’s journey with FSL started two years ago. “My oldest daughter went through the afterschool program and she was so committed and focused! She went to the Leadership Day Trip which was a highlight and then signed up for Summit Life Leadership Camp and was really impacted. Now my younger daughter is doing the afterschool program at her school and it’s the exact same thing. The minute the season ends, she brings me the paper to sign her up for the next one!”

When Gayla learned that her school would be bringing FSL to the students through the Video Curriculum for Classrooms, she was ecstatic!

“The Video Curriculum was a great way to go for our school. It impacts all the kids, not just the kids that can stay for the afterschool program. It’s been set up so well at our school! We watch the video, we break out into small groups with peer leaders, focus on the challenge questions. I have loved coordinating it. The teachers are on board and love it too.”

As a social worker, Gayla sees her students dealing with difficult issues, even at such a young age. Difficult family situations. Divorce. Parents going to jail. Parents and guardians not being there for their kids. Low self-esteem translating to not respecting others. The list goes on.

“Every day, another student says to me, I can’t do this I’m dumb. People tell me I’m dumb. Then it spirals into not respecting other people because they aren’t respecting themselves.”

Gayla understands that building up self-esteem is crucial.  

“We have to build these kids up and that’s where FSL comes in. FSL teaches students that they can live their best lives and my students are beginning to believe it.”

See, through the Video Curriculum, students are learning that when you change your thoughts, you can change your life.  Negative thinking is a habit and negative thinking can lead to self-fulfilling prophecy.

“I can always turn the conversations with my students back to the values we are learning at Five Star. Through repetition, modeling, and pointing things out when the students have done something wrong. These are some of the things I’m trying to do to help the students”, said Gayla.

Gayla thinks that all schools should be implementing the FSL Video Curriculum for Classrooms. “DO IT! We cannot ignore the social and emotional well-being of our students. If we don’t take 30 minutes a week to build our students up, we will be in a world of hurt.”

Gayla, thank you for all you do for your students. You are awesome!

More and more schools will be highlighted over the course of the year, so keep up the good work and you could be featured next! For more information on FSL Video Curriculum and how to get it in YOUR school, please visit our Video Curriculum page or contact us HERE. Also, if you have a story to share about your school, please send them to us on the Share Your Story page.

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