How One Local Business is Making a BIG Impact at FSL!

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FSL has been blessed with the support of businesses and organizations throughout the country. Many businesses pride themselves on the work they do in their communities and FSL has benefited immensely from their generosity.

Global Link Distribution is the leading provider for product lines in the RV industry, and serving the cargo and horse trailer industry along with manufactured housing.

David Pairitz, co-owner of Global Link, heard about FSL about five years ago after listening to the FSL Radiothon. The stories of impact that FSL was having in the community really stuck with him.

“I was impressed with the stories I was hearing and felt like Five Star could be a good fit for our organization. I also wanted the employees in our organization to be a part of this program that has amazing results for kids.”

“A part of it was hearing the testimonies of the kids themselves and hearing the impact. The way these kids melt because someone cares, someone has reached out. It really hit me as to what a great organization this is. We’ve always been affiliated with children and have always had a passion with children’s programs. You get connected with the fact that some of these kids need someone to believe in them.”

After listening to the Radiothon, David sprung to action and decided to get involved with helping FSL. For years now, Global Link Distribution has sponsored the FSL Radiothon, Five Star Radio Show, and FSL in general. Their support has helped FSL reach over 10,000 students this year alone.

“I always wanted to get in a business and try to start something with good people. Ultimately, I wanted to help put a company in a position to help others.”

The culture that David has worked to create at Global Link Distribution is a culture of giving and a culture of togetherness. Their impact is HUGE. David, thanks to you and everyone at Global Link Distribution for all that you do for FSL and the community!

We would love for your business to get involved with FSL! To learn more about our upcoming events and different sponsorship opportunities, please visit our website, call our offices at 574-266-4038, or email us at

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