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If you’re not listening to the Radiothon right now, what are you waiting for?? Turn your radio to 95.3MNC or listen live on! All day today and tomorrow, listen to incredible stories of impact and how your dollars are making a difference! Remember, 10,000 students will be served this year by FSL but we want our impact to be bigger! We can’t do this without your support!

“Due to me being in Five Star, my grades have rose (maybe not to all A’s but I’m getting it there!). I’m glad I’m in Five Star, it has changed my life in many ways from earning Student of the Week to working with my team to win and celebrate with everyone else. It gives me this feeling that’s hard to describe.” – Hailey, Five Star Life Student

“Five Star options gives us a chance to do homework  and get to play games as a team! It’s incredible! Week 2 when we started the Grade Challenge I raised my B+ to an A+ because of Coach Becky. I said I could never raise my grade to an A but she said I could do it and I did! I’m so happy and proud of the students and volunteers that joined Five Star! Thank you for taking my life to a whole other level!!” – Sara, Five Star Life Student

“Five Star has changed my life so much that to this day I’m a High School Leader because I love seeing how Five Star can change your life.” – Kameli, Five Star Life Student

“Five Star has changed my life by teaching me how to have integrity and how to respect my elders. The people who coach are amazing! They never give up on you and are always trying to get you on track!” – Garry, Five Star Life Student

At the end of the day today, 7,000 students will have dropped out of school in the United States. Click HERE to donate! Thank you for helping us change the trajectory of students’ lives throughout the nation, just like the students above! We are grateful for you and so are our students!

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