Why The Numbers Matter

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Every number is a student. Every statistic is another student we have yet to reach. Every dollar raised is another student that can participate in FSL’s life changing programming. Every number matters.

At FSL, numbers are very important to us because we know what the numbers really mean. 7,000 students drop out of high school in America every school day. 80% of first time drug, alcohol, or tobacco use happens between the ages of 10-14. We are fighting for the lost, the hopeless, and the desperate.

We are not only dealing with an education problem, we are dealing with a character problem. Many students today do not see the value of receiving an education and give up before they even try. For students to decide not to drop out of school, they must first have the desire to want more for their lives.

FSL is showing students a better way! We have found a solution and have been implementing it for over twelve years now. Through all of our programming, our latest data shows:

  • 70% of our students raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 or above
  • Over 75% of our students complete their challenge steps each season
  • Pierre Moran Middle School (Elkhart, Indiana) saw a decrease of 5,000 discipline referrals in one year through implementing the FSL Video Curriculum.
  • Over 89% of teachers reported “FSL Video Curriculum provided a common set of values for our student body to live by.”
  • 76% of teachers reported FSL Video Curriculum “provided a platform to increase my connection with students.” 

  • 67% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “has helped me be a better person and leader.”
  • Over 65% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “helped me set academic goals and raise my grades.”
  • Over 60% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “improved my self-image and has changed my thoughts and actions toward myself.”

Through your generous support, FSL will serve over 10,000 students for the 2016-2017 school year. While this number is INCREDIBLE, we see our impact on a larger scale. We are going to take the FSL academic, character, and leadership model across the nation! 

Nathan, a FSL student, said that, “Five Star has helped me think about my choices more carefully. It has also helped me make better choices with friends, family, and in school. Five Star helped me love my life more.”

Join us THIS Thursday and Friday for our annual Radiothon on 95.3MNC or listen online at www.953mnc.com . This is our largest fundraiser and one that we hope you will be a part of. You can help Nathan and many more students just like Nathan. For just $18 a month, you can sponsor a student to be in FSL programming. $219 a year can literally save a student’s life! We hope you’ll join us as we bring hope to students across the nation. Click HERE to support FSL.

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