How FSL is Helping Students #LoveYourLife

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Five Star has changed my life a lot. Before I was a Five Star leader, I didn’t love my life as much as I do now that I am living the Five Star life. Before I was in Five Star I was always letting people bully me and do things to me that I knew wasn’t right. This year everything changed at my school and my life. Now that I am a leader, people don’t do things to me like bully me or get in fights with me. Sometimes they still do (bully me), but I stand up for myself and I don’t let people hurt me like they did before. It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of the Five Star community.” – Woodland Student Leader

FSL has helped students improve their grades, increase their self-esteem, reduce bullying and intolerance, eliminate self-harming activities, and develop strong character and leadership traits. We are seeing incredible results thus far:

  • Over 89% of teachers reported “FSL Video Curriculum provided a common set of values for our student body to live by.”
  • 76% of teachers reported FSL Video Curriculum “provided a platform to increase my connection with students.”
  • 67% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “has helped me be a better person and leader.”
  • Over 65% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “helped me set academic goals and raise my grades.”
  • Over 60% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “improved my self-image and has changed my thoughts and actions towards myself.”

The 5th and 6th grade students at Woodland Elementary, in Elkhart, IN, are doing INCREDIBLE things
with FSL’s Video Curriculum for Classrooms. Check out their bulletin boards focusing on the FSL Video Curriculum and Core Values! These students are in 5
th and 6th grade and have learned life lessons that many adults have not learned yet!!

#LoveYourLife: What can you do to show respect to the opposite gender?

  1. Tell them a compliment
  2. Hold the door
  3. Ladies first


What are some positive things you say to yourself…  

  1. “Be a positive effect on people’s lives.”
  2. “I am very funny in some ways.”
  3. “I’m beautiful.”
  4. “I won’t let anyone or anything get me down.”
  5. “I won’t let drama happen around me.”
  6. “I won’t let negativity affect me.”
  7. “I won’t let myself follow other people. I’M A LEADER!”

Woodland Elementary, you rock! Christopher, we are so happy that FSL is helping you in the way it does. We are proud of you! Way to spread such a positive message of self-worth and kindness!

More and more schools will be highlighted over the course of the year, so keep up the good work and you could be featured next! For more information on FSL Video Curriculum and how to get it in YOUR school, please visit FSL’s Video Curriculum Page or contact us at HERE. Also, if you have a story to share about your school, please send them to us on FSL’s Share Your Story Page! 

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