Life on the Lake – A Summit Rotation Highlight

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Summit, our Leadership Training Center, is not like anywhere you’ve ever been before. It’s not a traditional camp… we aren’t in the camp business; we are in the education business and in the leadership development business. Everything we do at Summit completely ties in with the mission, vision, and future of FSL.

It’s the host of our leadership trainings for educators, schools, and students throughout the country. Through Day Trips, Leadership Training Days, and Summit Life Leadership Camps, people leave Summit EMPOWERED. They leave knowing they are going to make a difference in their community. Our job at Summit is to equip people with the tools they need to become game changers in their families, schools, and communities.

We consider each Summit rotation a classroom where people are taught using different “tools.” These tools range from bows and arrows at archery, fishing poles and boats at the lake, horses at the barn, go-karts at the race track, or different elements on the ropes course. There are lessons associated with each rotation, lessons that can change lives and cause a serious shift in perspective.

One of the most exciting rotations at Summit is the boating and fishing on our 45-acre lake. It is also one of our most intentional rotations because so many lessons can be taught when you’re out on the water!

Aubrey Greene, FSL staff member and lake rotation leader, works at the boating and fishing rotation during Summit events.

“At our afterschool program, students learn about our FSL Core Values. At Summit, they actually have to execute on these values! For boating, the Core Value being taught is respect. The students learn to not only respect our equipment, but they also have to show respect to the other people in the boat (and around them).”

For many students, the lake is a whole new world for them. Many have never been on any type of boat before, so it requires communication and teamwork with the other people in the boat with them so they can get where they need to go. Each team has a rower, steerer, and encourager.  “If they communicate with their team, they will get where they need to go faster.”

While on the lake, students must complete an obstacle course with different challenges along the way. “The boating rotation brings healthy competition with the mindset that, as everyone rise, everyone wins.”

During the fishing rotation, students are taught the Core Values of responsibility and respect. Students must have situational awareness as they are baiting, casting and fishing, so that no one gets hurt. Just as with boating, many students have never fished before, and while it may seem simple, there are a lot of steps that go into a successful day of fishing.

While they are learning how to cast, they learn about respecting those around them and taking ownership of their choices. If they choose to not follow the rules, someone could get seriously hurt.

“During these rotations on the lake, students feel proud. Their patience is tested, they have to work as a team towards a common goal, they have to persevere, and they have a blast the entire time.”

At the beginning of each event at Summit, students are given a journal. At the end of the Day Trip or Leadership Camp, students are asked to journal and make next steps on how they will apply the lessons learned at Summit in their own lives. Through experiential learning opportunities and tangible steps, students are learning life lessons that will help them be successful adults. This is what Summit is all about!

Aubrey, thank you for offering some insight to the lake rotation up at Summit and thank you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to every FSL student. You are a rock star!!

To learn more about Summit and Summit Life Leadership Camp, or to schedule a tour, visit the Summit page or call our office at 574-266-4038.


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