Teaching Students Why Education is EVERYTHING: Coach Paul’s Story

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Every month, we like to highlight some of the people that make Five Star work… not just work, thrive. These people give their time freely. They work tirelessly day in and day out for the mission of FSL. They have a passion for students and for change. They set an example for countless students. No one exemplifies living a Five Star Life more than seven-year veteran of Five Star, Coach Paul.

There are a few important things to know about Coach Paul: he’s larger than life, he’s hilarious, he’s a leader, he’s passionate, he LOVES students, and his impact is immeasurable. Every week, he teaches students about the FSL Core Values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage. He teaches them that their current circumstances do not have to dictate what the rest of their lives will be like and that they have a CHOICE in how they want their education to turn out. The reason Coach Paul is able to speak so honestly with students about academics is because of his own journey of being diagnosed with a learning disability.

Over the weekend, Coach Paul joined Coach Seth on the Five Star Life Radio Show on 95.3MNC to share his impactful story.

From the very beginning of his academic journey, Paul struggled immensely with reading and writing. His mother, a teacher, noticed these learning patterns through her experience in the school system and with other students.

At an early age, Paul was diagnosed with dyslexia. Paul’s mom felt that it would be best for Paul if he was homeschooled. She wanted to give him the best chance possible to succeed with the severity of his learning disability.

“My mom is the true hero in this play! She had the patience to put up with me. Really, just the dedication that my mom gave every single day… extra attention, extra time, extra focus. She tried to make learning fun for me and I would just get frustrated the whole time.”

Paul didn’t understand why reading and writing was so incredibly difficult for him and it frustrated him. There were good days and really bad days. He couldn’t understand why he was so “bad” at school.

He would ask his mom, “Why am I so stupid? Why can’t I learn this?” Sometimes, it would take him weeks just to be able to pronounce one word or put one sentence together. He could have given up… giving up may have been easier for him in the short run… BUT HE DIDN’T! Many times he wanted to, but he didn’t. He pressed on.

Because of his grit and determination at an early age, he is now teaching students to live lives with character, to exude their leadership qualities, and to focus on their academics. He is teaching students to see the bigger picture and realize their futures! Through his incredible journey, he is able to connect with students and challenge them. He teaches them that excuses don’t mean anything, but an education means EVERYTHING. 7,000 students drop out of school every school day. He doesn’t want to see any FSL students be another statistic.

Coach Paul, we are so grateful for you. We look to you and we are inspired! Soon, over 10,000 students will hear his story as it will be featured in the next season of Five Star Life’s Video Curriculum

To hear Coach Paul’s full radio interview, click this YouTube link and subscribe to our YouTube page!

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