Using Our Resources and Becoming Self-Sustainable

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We would like to send a very special thank you to Lippert Components for all of the hard work they did for us up at Summit, our 300-acre leadership training facility.

At Lippert, they are dedicated to serving the community… 100,000 hours of community service, to be exact. Recently, a team from Lippert came up to Summit, dedicating their time and resources to cut up wood during Lippert Lumberjack Days.

However, this is not just about cutting up wood… it’s much bigger than that. One of Summit’s initiatives is to become self-sustainable for years to come. One of the ways in which we plan to be sustainable is by using the resources we have… wood. Currently, we are heating and providing hot water to one entire building at Summit with wood. We plan on eventually using wood for heat and hot water for all of the facilities at Summit. This method is not only friendly to the environment, it is cost effective, something that is very important to us.

We are committed to using the tools and resources we have to continue our mission of being a catalyst of change for students across the country and we plan on being good stewards of all we have been given. Through students’ journeys at Summit, they will be pushed to the limit, stretched further than they ever imagined, and through it all, they will grow in character and realize that they are capable of reaching their goals and dreams… they realize that they have a bright future. This is what Summit is all about.

Summit’s transformations are happening at a FAST pace and there are many ways that you can help…

We need more wood burning furnaces.

We need more incredible companies like Lippert dedicating their time, energy and resources to making Summit better and better for our students.

We need more volunteers to help us with Summit’s maintenance, special undertakings, and beautification projects.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Come to Summit and take a tour with us! We would love to host you! Please email or call our offices at 574-266-4038.

Want to help by donating so that we can purchase another wood burning furnace? Visit our website, designate that you would like to contribute to the wood burning furnace, and DONATE TODAY!

Thank you Toby Crowley and the Lippert Components team. Your support is invaluable and we appreciate you more than you know!


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