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Recently, we asked parents to share their FSL experiences. We asked parents to share stories of their students and the impact of FSL programming in their homes.  These stories help us keep a pulse on our effectiveness and allow us to continue to challenge students in academics, character, and leadership. FSL programming is so important because it helps reinforce the Core Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage) that many parents are teaching at home. These are REAL stories from REAL parents that have truly felt the power of FSL:

“My Son has excelled exponentially in his studies and overall attitude. He has more self confidence than he has ever had. Coach Paul and his team rock. I think it also helps a lot that my son’s team coach is one of his teachers that he respects. Last year, he was barely getting by and this year he is hitting merit roll and above. This is all after only 1 season. This program is awesome… keep it up.” – A Very Happy Parent

“Five Star was critical in helping my son get to where he is today. Five Star helped me reinforce values and lessons that I knew were important to help my son during the impressionable middle and high school years.  I believe in Five Star and I believe in everything that Five Star is about. Anyone that has a child, you want the best for your child. Everyone should have access to an environment like Five Star. It should be in all 50 states.”  – Dominique, Five Star Parent

In general, our son is a good child at home.  From a very young age, he was taught to help with chores around the house, study hard at school and respect other people. The improvements I’ve seen in him are “offering” to do chores (verse me dictating chores), studying harder at home to improve his grades, and he’s making better choices in the friends he chooses (weeding out the negative influences).  This is happening with a combination of home teachings and consistent confirmations at the Five Star program.  He enjoys the program very much – and thank you for making it available to each child!” – Kathy, Five Star Parent

Remember, the dropout crisis is something that affects ALL OF US. 

7,000 students drop out of high school in America every school day. That’s over 1.2 million students every year. While the US used to have some of the highest graduation rates of any developed country, we now rank 22nd out of 27 developed countries.

Not only are we dealing with an education problem, we are dealing with a character problem. Through our coaches, our Video Curriculum, and our team building challenges, we are instilling in students our Core Values. We are showing students throughout the country what a better life looks like! Our students will not be another statistic!

Through the encouragement of Five Star Life parents and through the determination of the students, we see incredible steps taken each season. Every Challenge Step completed, every homework assignment turned in, and every fear conquered, we see our students living a Five Star Life! These changes can happen quickly or sometimes the changes take time. Regardless, our Five Star Life students are taking positive steps towards their bright future! 

We want to hear how your students have taken steps! Click here to share your Five Star story!


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