Meeting the FSL Leadership: Coach Seth Maust

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Many students and teachers know him as “the guy from the Video Curriculum.” Week after week, he delivers inspiring messages of hope, he challenges students academically and socially, and shows students how to make the next best step towards a bright future.

What most people don’t know is that he’s a husband, a father, FSL Co-Founder, basketball enthusiast, and someone who has dedicated his life to this organization and the students it serves. He’s a pretty extraordinary person. He works endlessly to provide all students with opportunities to succeed. He holds everyone accountable, but he holds himself to the highest standard of them all. He does not make excuses, he just works hard every single day. He is an anomalous combination of a leader and also a servant.

Let’s dive a little deeper and learn more about this great leader!

Coach Seth, has your journey with FSL been an easy one?

“Yes and no. Yes, because we have an incredible board, leadership team, and staff. We have avoided so many pitfalls that derail start-ups and non-profits due to mismanagement of funds, poor strategy, or lack of execution. Our board and leadership team have done something that I really don’t see anywhere else. They have consistently put themselves in servant-leadership roles that support the organization and allow me to lead/operate in my areas of strength. This is central to why FSL has experienced consistent growth over the last 11 years. So, in many aspects, I’ve had an easy ride!

What have been some of the challenges and what has kept you motivated?

It’s been challenging simply because everything starts with a dream. Fulfilling our dream of changing students lives across the nation sounds warm and fuzzy but in reality it’s daily, consistent work! The biggest challenges we’ve faced have not been in our interaction with students. Students respond to Five Star Life.  What we do works and we have the data to back it up. The biggest challenges are always in managing growth. The two growth factors are finances and leadership. It takes money to grow and it takes great leadership to sustain the growth. Thanks to our donors, volunteers, board, leadership team, and staff we have managed to grow consistently over our history. Not many organizations (let alone NFP’s) can say the same so I am so incredibly blessed!”

Coach Seth, What does the future look like for FSL? 

“In a nutshell…the future of FSL is really quite mind-blowing. If people think we’ve done something special so far (and we have!), they haven’t seen anything yet. Our board, leadership team, and staff believe that what we’ve accomplished in the first 11 years of our organization is only a foundation stone of what we are building. Through our FSL Video Curriculum we will reach thousands of schools across America. Millions of students will be educated and trained with a foundation of FSL values at their core. This is the first step to students succeeding academically.  These students will grow up to excel in every industry…bringing their values and leadership with them. The ripple effect across the nation (and world) will be felt and experienced by all. This has already begun! Our 300-acre camp is currently being transformed into our national educational training center. We hosted our first regional training for educators last summer and are expanding trainings as we are currently speaking with schools all over the nation. Once a community has FSL VC in their local school we will then train them how to implement our After-School program.”  

Coach Seth, we are so grateful for the leader that you are. Every day, you inspire thousands of students to live a Five Star Life. The sacrifices you have made for others do not go unnoticed. Every staff member, volunteer, and student is better for knowing you. You believe every student deserves the chance to succeed, and the proof of this can be seen in the countless faces of the students you have touched. Through ups and downs, hits and misses, your persistence and grit has brought FSL to where it is today. Your impact is significant. Thank you for everything you do, every day.

Coach Seth will be speaking at the Magnificent Seven conference, hosted by the United Way of St. Joseph County on February 23rd from 8-9:30 at the Salvation Army KROC Center (900 W. Western Ave.). Call FSL for details at 574-266-4038! In addition, listen to Coach Seth on our Five Star Life Radio Show! Tune into 95.3MNC on Saturdays at 11AM or Sundays at 8AM!

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