Living Life with INTENTION: Summit Life Leadership Camp & Camp Days

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Everything we do at Five Star Life is intentional. Every summer when we host Summit Life Leadership Camps, we do so with complete purpose. This is the mindset we instill in students year round and this is the mindset we want students to live their lives with.

Summit Life Leadership Camps help students overcome fears, cultivate relationships, and develop crucial leadership skills… all the while having a BLAST. During this intense week, students are pushed to the limit through different experiential learning opportunities including: a high ropes course and climbing wall, horseback riding, archery, fishing, swimming, and much more.

Every season of Five Star Life purposely leads up to Summit Life Leadership Camp. Throughout the year, students can earn scholarships to Camp by having perfect attendance, raising their GPA or maintaining a 3.0 or above, completing all of the Challenge Steps, etc. Another way we get students really excited about Camp is through Camp Days at our afterschool program!

Camp Days are intentionally designed to bring a taste of Summit Life Leadership Camp right into the schools! Teams are paired together with another team to create a family and given a name (just like at Camp). The families then accomplish various team building activities for points and, ultimately, to win the title of Camp Day Champs!

Camp Days give us the opportunity to promote Camp and get students excited, but also for students to bond together as teams during the day, not just with their own team- but the other team they are paired with.

This INCREDIBLE day is full of energy, team spirit, team building and bonding, talking about camp and fun competitions! We want our Five Star Life students to live every day with intention and purpose – and whether we have a Camp Day or regular session at Five Star Life, we are getting students excited about Summit Life Leadership Camp! If you are a Five Star Life Video Curriculum school, talk to us about having a Camp Day at YOUR school!

Read what some of our students had to say about camp last year:

“This camp can make people different… it can make them better.” – Jemini

“I am so thankful for my awesome team and coaches because they’re incredible people who WILL change the world.”Maddie

“It was so much fun! I got to connect with so many students and coaches. I couldn’t have imagined a better camp experience. Thank you for all you do!” Lizzie

“I think this camp experience has helped me through the pain I’ve been through.” Andres


If you haven’t signed up your student for Summit Life Leadership Camp, what are you waiting for?! Space is limited, so reserve your student’s spot today by visiting the Summit page! To learn more about Summit and Summit Life Leadership Camp, or to schedule a tour, visit the Summit page or call our office at 574-266-4038.


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