The Power of the Mentor

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“Five Star Life changed my life. In 8th grade, I was new to school. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know about Five Star Life until I met a friend. He was in Five Star so I decided to join too. I fell in love with Five Star! Not only because of the people, but because of the way everyone was treated. It hit every point in my life that needed to be explained.

One of the lessons that hit me the most was when Coach Seth talked about being bullied and abused. At the time, I got upset. My Coach took me out in the hall and talked to me for a while and then hugged me – no questions. When I calmed down I told her everything. I went through abuse when I was little. I moved to a new city because we had no place to live. At school, I was bullied and beaten up in the bathroom. I needed help. My Coach really helped me. Each week she asked me if everything was okay. She cared. From then on, I started to realize who I really was.

At the end of the season I was nominated (and won!) for Student of the Month. It felt amazing! All of the coaches were happy to see that I had gotten it. Eventually, I became Student of the Year! I had tears in my eyes and I was  full of excitement. It was so great and I couldn’t help but thank my Coach for being such a good role model to me and letting me work on my life through Five Star. Five Star has changed my life so much! To this day I am a Five Star Life high school leader because I love seeing how Five Star can change a person.”

The above story is just one of HUNDREDS that we come across. At the Five Star Life afterschool program, we hear these stories every day. We connect students to passionate volunteer mentors (Coaches) to help guide them as they make tough choices. Some of our students are faced with impossible situations and they feel like they have no one to turn to. Our coaches are an outlet,  a sounding board, to so many students. To all of our Five Star Life Coaches – THANK YOU! We appreciate you giving so freely of your time, energy, and passion to these incredible students.

We are changing lives every day through our proprietary curriculum and intentional mentoring through our afterschool program. We are giving students a new perspective on life. They are working harder than ever to succeed and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Do you have a Five Star Life story of impact to share? Visit our website and submit your story today at

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