Choosing HONOR and How a South Bend School Saw Their Discipline Referrals Drop by 21%!

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One of the saddest things in society today is the lack of respect for the police and military servicemen and women throughout the country. Every day we see tension, violence, and upheaval against the men and women who have sworn to protect our country and its citizens. Unfortunately, there is a stigma surrounding police officers and military members – a stigma that we do not need to respect these men and women. In FSL’s Video Curriculum for Classrooms, we address this problematic trend and teach students to respect EVERYONE, but especially those who put themselves in harm’s way!

We emphasize the importance of honoring and respecting servicemen and women. We believe it is of utmost importance that all students are taught to honor those who serve our country and to serve alongside them. The students’ Challenge Step of the week was to find one active or retired service member to honor by personally thanking them for serving our country. FSL students across the country went above and beyond to thank the men and women that show courage and sacrifice every day to keep us safe.

This past week, the students at Greene Intermediate Center in South Bend, Indiana, did just that when one of its teachers and FSL Video Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs. Jennifer Hock, developed Valentines for Servicemen. The idea was that each student would create Valentine’s Day cards with thank you notes to give to servicemen and women throughout the area. Within the notes, the students thanked the servicemen and women for their service to the community and the sacrifices they have made. The letters will be mailed and hand delivered to veterans, police officers, and firefighters within in the area.

Mrs. Hock said, “FSL Video Curriculum emphasized the importance of recognizing our servicemen and women and helped me to teach it to the kids which was so valuable and made what I wanted to do already so easy. The (FSL) video and lesson, once again, was exactly what I needed to teach values I already wanted to teach to my students.”

Great job, Greene Intermediate! You took lessons you learned and stepped into action to make a difference! In addition, they saw their discipline referrals decrease from 175 in 2015 to 138 in 2016, a 21% decrease. Keep up the good work!

At FSL, we are bringing about a shift in perspective to an entire generation. Teaching students the value of respecting and honoring everyone is CRITICAL to society. To all active or retired servicemen and women, we THANK YOU and HONOR YOU.

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