Experiential Learning Opportunities: Lessons Outside of the Classroom

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At FSL, we believe everything we do should have purpose. Every activity, every action, every decision that is made should have a great purpose to go along with it. We challenge students to own their academic success, take charge of their future, and continually make the next right decision. One of the incredible ways we challenge and teach students is through experiential learning opportunities. It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another thing to put the values taught into action!

Summit, FSL’s 300-acre educational training center, is for current and future leaders to come and be trained in FSL’s Core Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage) and programming methods through experiential learning opportunities. Using this approach, students, educators, and groups can come to Summit, be trained, and take the FSL model back to their communities all over America, thus continuing the ripple effect.

Summit gives students the opportunity to take everything they have learned throughout the year and put it into practice using our state-of-the-art facilities. We consider each rotation a classroom where people are taught using different “tools.” These tools range from bows and arrows at archery, fishing poles and boats at the lake, horses at the barn, go-karts at the race track, or different elements on the ropes course. There are lessons associated with each rotation, lessons that can change lives and cause a shift in perspective.

Summit will be used for:

  1. Student Training. Through Day Trips and Summit Life Leadership Camps, FSL afterschool program students will be presented with even more opportunities for growth that put their leadership skills to test. The Day Trips take place year-round and the Camps take place during the summer.
  2. FSL Video Curriculum Training Events for Educators. As FSL continues to expand nationally, administrators from around the country will be trained at Summit, learn the processes, methodology, and curriculum, and take FSL back to their communities to continue the movement for change.
  3. FSL Training Events for Volunteer Coaches. These vital training events are held throughout the year for local volunteer coaches.
  4. School Leadership Training. Summit will be available for local school districts to experience all of the experiential learning opportunities that Summit has to offer.

Each month, we will be highlighting one of our incredible rotations to help you understand why we do what we do! At FSL and Summit, everything has a purpose!

Students, educators, youth groups, and others can utilize Summit throughout the year. To learn more about Summit or to schedule a tour, please visit https://www.fivestarlife.org/summit/.


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