Introducing Five Star Life’s New Property, Summit

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In the spring of 2014, Five Star Life purchased an incredible property in Union, Michigan called Summit, which will house the National Leadership Training Center, Day Trips, and the Summit Life Leadership Camps.

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 9.51.55 AMThis new facility is called Summit because what students will experience will give them a great perspective and vision for their future. With over 300 acres of natural habitat, Summit instantly triples the capacity of experience for Five Star Life students. This property also gives FSL the opportunity to serve local school districts and other nonprofit organizations that benefit and serve youth. The new location features an indoor horse arena attached to a twenty stall horse barn; more than four miles of horse riding trails on the property; a forty five acre lake for fishing; canoeing; bumper boats; and swimming; a fully equipped go kart race track, archery lessons and targets; and three all-purpose pavilions along with cabins. This new training facility is the future of Five Star Life and will open endless possibilities for growth for both students and coaches.


Summit will give students a chance to practice what they have learned throughout the year in a tangible, experiential way that extends beyond the school building. At a Day Trip, students are presented with opportunities to face their fears and put their leadership skills to test through various challenges that include: horseback riding, a high ropes course and zip line, a rock climbing wall, fishing, service projects, and archery. All of these challenges are done at our safe and secure facility with the student’s coaches encouraging and pushing them every step of the way. Not only are students given opportunities they might not otherwise have, they walk away realizing they are capable of accomplishing far more than they every imagined.


Students are also invited to participate in overnight Summit Life Leadership Camps at Summit. Leadership camps build on the challenges sampled in the day trip, but allow coaches to spend more focus and intensity on helping each student overcome fears, develop relationships, and reach their greatest potential. During this life-changing week, students are able to take everything they have learned throughout the year, examine it, interpret how it fits into their lives, and then put it into practice. Summit Life Leadership Camps transform lives every year, awakening a desire for greatness in Five Star Life students.

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