Curriculum Snapshot – Courage and Responsibility #Upgrade

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Week 1: Courage to Upgrade Me
Know: It takes courage to live a Five Star Life.
Do: Have the courage to look in the mirror to determine who you want to be this year.
Upgrade Challenge: Create a vision board of who you want to be in 2016. Hang it up somewhere so that you will see it everyday.
  • Do you like who you are? Explain.
  • Write down the #1 change you want to make in your life in 2016.
  • What practical steps can you take to implement this in 2016?
  • Will you complete this week’s challenge?


Week 2: Courage to Upgrade Academics

Know: There are four academic categories you can choose in 2016.

Do: Have the courage to choose to be ENGAGED academically.

Upgrade Challenge: Begin raising your core class grades this week to achieve the Grade Challenge Award at the end of this season.

Grade Challenge Definition- maintaining a 3.0 GPA or raising your GPA by the end of the Five Star Life season.


  • If you were 100% honest, which chair are you sitting in right now (engaged, too cool, lost, or bored)? Explain.
  • Which chair do you want to sit in? Explain.
  • Write down your two lowest grades.
  • Write down what you need to do to raise those grades and complete the FSL Grade Challenge.


Week 3: Bully Downgrade

Know: You can stop bullying!

Do: Have the courage to stop bullying by “stepping-in” or “standing-with.”

Upgrade Challenge: Select one person to prevent from being bullied by “stepping-in” to stop the bully or “standing-with” the bullied.

Team Challenge: As a team, write down specific ways you’ll stop the bullying from happening to this student.


  • What’s the worst bullying situation you’ve seen?
  • What’s the worst bullying situation you’ve experienced (because you were bullied or the bully)?
  • Write down the name of one person to Stand-With (if you know the person being BULLIED) … OR… Step-In (if you know the person who is BULLYING) and encourage them this week.
  • Write down the name of one student your team can help end the bullying for.


Week 4: Responsibility Time Upgrade

Know:  In order for you to #Upgrade your time you must understand the difference between an Asset, which helps you, and a Liability, which hurts you.

Do:  Evaluate where your time goes and create a schedule to make sure your time is spent building assets.

Upgrade Challenge: Pick one area of your timeline that is currently a liability (hurts you) and write down what you can fill that time slot with to create an asset (helps you). Track and report how many days you spent time doing what you committed.


  • By using the Timeline chart below, write out how you spend your average day.
  • Go through each part of your schedule and label each part appropriately.  If something is an “Asset”, write “Asset” next to it.  If something is a “Liability”, write “Liability” next to it.
  • Write down 1-2 “Assets” you want to put into your daily schedule, and then add them to the time-slot on your schedule. (Asset examples: Homework/studying, Summit Life/youth group, exercise/sports, chores, hobbies, etc.)
  • Write down 1-2 “Liabilities” that you want to remove from your schedule. Put a line (strikethrough) through each liability you want to remove from your timeline.
  • Will you complete this week’s challenge?


Week 5: Money Upgrade

Know:  People become rich by building assets and limiting liabilities

Do:  Take ownership of your money! Choose in advance what percentage of the money you get will be spent, saved, and shared.

Upgrade Challenge:  Take your first step (from steps above) to make money.

Bonus Challenge: Open up a savings account at the bank.


  • Use the “Asset” box to make a list of any potential financial “Assets” you currently have. (Example: paper route, babysitting job, allowance, savings account… anything else that has potential to make money)
  • Use the “Liability” box to make a list of financial “Liabilities” you currently have. (Example: smartphone…if you waste money on worthless downloads, game subscriptions… anything else that requires you spend your money)
  • Write down 3 potential steps you can take to build financial assets. (Examples: shoveling snow, make phone calls and pass out fliers advertising your babysitting service, save up birthday money to buy a lawn-mower so you can start mowing lawns this spring, etc.)
  • How much money could you realistically make each week if you are focused?
  • Of the money you make, how much will you spend, save, and share? Use percentages. (Example: make $10, save $5, spend $4, and share $1)
  • Will you complete this week’s challenge and bonus challenge?


Week 6: Word Upgrade

Know:  Every word you speak is an “Asset” or “Liability.”

Do:  Choose to speak words that are an “Asset.”

Upgrade Challenge:  For one week, pay attention to everything you say.  Keep track of every time your words are an “Asset” and each time your words are a “Liability.”


  • Write down 3 “Assets” you want to begin speaking over your life several times each day. (Examples: I’m strong, smart, talented, etc.)
  • Write down the names of at least 2 people you have been a “Liability” to lately by the words you’ve spoken to them.
  • Write down some key words you can begin speaking to these people that will be an “Asset” to their lives.
  • Will you complete this week’s challenge?


 Week 7: Upgrading Internet Ownership

Know: The Internet can be an asset or liability.

Do: Use the Internet as an asset, not a liability.

Upgrade Challenge: Take the FSL posting pledge by asking yourself, “Is my post explicit? Off-limits? Negative or bashing?”

Bonus Challenge: Ask your parent/guardian to be involved in monitoring your Internet activity by making sure they have access to all of your Internet and social media accounts.


  • Have you seen the Internet hurt (be a liability) anyone around you? If so, explain.
  • How has the Internet been a liability to you? How has it hurt you?
  • How has the Internet been an asset to you?
  • Do your parents keep a close eye on how you use the Internet and have all of your account passwords?
  • Will you commit to the Challenge and Bonus Challenge?


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