FSL Day Trips at Summit!

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One of the most exciting events during any FSL season is the Day Trip! In addition to the afterschool program that takes place at the school, we give participating FSL students a chance to practice what they’ve learned throughout the season in a tangible way at our new camp and leadership training center, Summit! At a Day Trip, students are presented with opportunities to face their fears and put their leadership skills to the test through various challenges that include: a high ropes course and zip line, a rock climbing wall, horseback riding, fishing, archery, and much more! 
These Day Trips build camaraderie between students, build trust between coaches and their teams, and really give students opportunities to succeed that they might not otherwise have. When students are pushed to the limit, when they are stretched further than they ever could have imagined, they begin to grow in character and begin to realize that they are capable of reaching their goals and dreams. Day Trips really drill in FSL’s core values taught throughout the season and give the students something to strive for and get excited about! 

Day Trips give students a glimpse into what the Summit Life Leadership Camps are like as well. These overnight camps take place during the summer and build on the challenges sampled in the Day Trip, but allow coaches to focus more on helping each student overcome fears, develop relationships, and reach their greatest potential.

Want to help a student get to a Day Trip or to a Summit Life Leadership Camp? We offer partial scholarships to students throughout the year. For more information, call our offices at 574-266-4038 or email us atinfo@fivestarlife.org.

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