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Five Star Life is participating in it’s 5th annual Radiothon on 95.3 Michiana News Channel on March 19th and 20th, that is tomorrow and Friday! Be sure to tune into the radio station, or listen live on!

We are looking forward to taking over the airwaves for two days to highlight some of the incredible things we have going on at Five Star Life. As we gear up for the Radiothon, I want to share a special story from one of our volunteer coaches, Shelley Dorrell, a former WNBA basketball player. Shelley shares below why she got involved with Five Star Life and some of the impactful changes she has seen within her team and the overall program since joining as a coach.

Coach Shelley’s Story:

“I got involved with Five Star Life because I was looking for an organization that was geared towards mentoring kids. After hearing that 7,000 students drop out of school a day, I knew I needed to get involved immediately.

I have a passion for mentoring students, girls especially, and just being influential in a way that so many people were influential in my life. I was given so much through coaches, sports and positive people that it left such a strong impact on my life. I want to give back in the same way to the younger generation and Five Star Life spoke to that.

I’m seeing the impact of Five Star Life in so many ways, but last week when we were talking about forgiveness there was a young girl who spoke up to say that she needed to apologize to someone in the room for bullying this individual a few years back. I witnessed the action of this 12-year-old girl and was blown away. The young girl received and accepted the apology and forgave the girl on my team. It was so powerful to witness and this is an amazing demonstration of a Five Star Life message impacting these kinds in a positive way.

I’m so excited to see Five Star Life continue to change the lives of these middle school students. I encourage everyone to tune in and donate to this organization, because once you get involved, you’re going to stay involved. It’s a powerful organization.” – Shelley Dorrell, Five Star Life Volunteer Coach.

You will hear more stories like Shelley’s over the next two days and witness for yourself the impact Five Star Life is having across the country in the lives of middle school students! Be sure to tune in!

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