Dreaming BIG at Five Star Life

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The excitement has been ongoing at Five Star Life in this New Year! As we continue to expand in Michiana, we are thrilled with the launch of our newest school in Houston, Texas – Olle Middle School. Our new coaches are enthusiastic, our new students are eager to learn and grow, and our new school is completely on board with our vision for Five Star Life.
In 2004 we had a BIG dream that we would duplicate what we do for students across the nation. The dream that was planted nearly 10 years ago, that EVERY student across America would be inspired, encouraged and equipped to live a Five Star Life is becoming a reality, and we could not be more proud with the progress we are seeing.
THANK YOU for your commitment throughout the years that is making Michiana grow and this national expansion possible. We do not want it to end with just a couple of more schools in Houston though. Together we are multiplying the Five Star Life program, as in Houston, built on a results-based foundation of student achievement. We could not do this without your support.
Please share the Five Star Life story with a friend so we can continue to keep our student programs moving forward!
Thanks for tuning in.

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