2014 is a BIG Year for Five Star Life!

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Happy New Year from all of us at Five Star Life! As 2013 has now come to a close, we could not be more pleased with our progress in the last year and are looking forward to the exciting possibilities and changes in 2014!
Five Star Life is thrilled to announce that on January 21, 2014, it will be launching its first school in Houston, Texas! The great state of Texas will be the first geographic region outside of Michiana where Five Star Life will have both presence and impact. For those of you that have been an integral part of Five Star Life, thank you for your dedication! Had it not been for your investment in the students of Michiana throughout the year(s), the foundation could have never been paved for this national expansion. While we look forward to our launch in Houston this month, we are equally looking forward to our continuing expansion here at home in Michiana. Last year Five Star Life impacted 2,545 students. This year we are on course to reach more Michiana students than ever before!
As we reflect on the past year, we want to take the time to recognize someone in particular that has made a huge impact on the growth of Five Star Life. Our web designer, James Pitkins, helped us build this incredible website. James, you recognized the importance of an impactful website, and you certainly delivered. Thank you for your dedication. To see more of James’ work, visit www.jamespitkins.com.
Thanks for tuning in. Until next time!

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