What Students Are Saying

I’ve removed masks. I’ve set goals. Five Star has changed my life. I strive to live a 5starlife. I never used to work or do chores, now I actually have goals…I’ve changed. I’ve been through peer pressure. I know how hard it is. 5star has stopped me from saying yes to those things! Thanks 5star!  -Anonymous

I first want to say I’m leaving with memories that I will never forget. The most helpful thing I’m going to leave with is knowing that if I set my mind to do something, I can accomplish it. I started the year off with D’s & F’s, but now I have A’s, B’s, and C’s, thank-you.  – Megan

You have helped me in my life so, so, so, much I am fully healed and I feel brand new all over again because when I 1st came to 5star I was depressed everyday & sometimes thought, “Why am I alive??” Then, the last week in 5star I feel just totally reborn and like I belong on this earth again.  – Dianne

Five Star has taught me so much in two seasons. The absolute most helpful thing I have got outta Five Star is about the mask. I have stopped lying to my parents and now my parents can trust me. I feel like they really have come to trust me! And it feels so good to know that they can trust me to the fullest. I would just like to thank Five Star for bringing me and my family together again, if not closer!  – Ashley

Something that really helped me was to change my attitude towards school. It really got my grades up.  – Carolyn

Five Star has helped change my thoughts, which has helped change my life. I doubted I would like Five Star when the counselor signed me up but now -it’s a great thing that has helped me. I will leave 5star this year as a person who thinks differently about things and now I make choices.  – Kyra

I love everything about it. I look back to when I wasn’t in Five Star and it’s just all a blurr. I can’t imagine my life without it. I can’t wait until the day comes that I can actually be a coach and make an impact on someone’s life. All I have to say is thank-you so much for changing my life. – Amanda

Five Star has changed my life so much it’s incredible! Five Star can change your life a lot and help you through all your challenges your having. Five Star is my life and will always be a part of my life. I hope for the best for the upcoming Five Star members. They will have the thrill of their life in Five Star. Five Star will be the thing I want to volunteer for. I want to be a coach so I can help kids with the challenges and see if I have any connection with them like I have now. I love all the coaches with all my heart.  – Kelsey

The thing that has really stood out for me this season is that I can go to school in the morning and be myself all day everyday. Since 4th grade I have always thought that there was something wrong with me or my family, but now I realized that that is who I am and I shouldn’t want to just try to hide it and act like the person that I’m not. I also learned that snickers and 3 musketeers make you fat.  – Micah

Thanks for the help because now I can control my anger against other people. You have made my life great. – Brett

The thing that helped me the most are the coaches. They have helped me with my grades, attitude, and ect.! I really love them. They have also showed me who I really am.  – Kathlyne

I’m so glad I joined 5star!! My coaches helped me through some pretty sticky situations. For example, cutting myself. They helped me stop, so now, I’m cut-free…except the scars. Any-way, I had a lot of fun!!  – Aaron

Everyday I am faced w/problems & situations. If 5star hadn’t been there, I don’t think I would be here. I have learned to do what’s right no matter what & be myself. I’ve heard it several times but w/out 5star there to really get me involved in the right things, these values would mean nothing. Thank-you so much.  – Sara

Five Star has helped me so much. I used to be isolated, quiet, hiding in the shadows, and insecure. Now I’m more open. I spend more time with my family, and now I don’t care what others think, it’s what I think of myself that matters. This has helped me a lot. My life matters. I’m designed for greatness. I am Five Star!  – Alyssa

You have impacted my life in great ways, I have learned that my life matters, and I am a champ.  -Tori

My biggest thing that I got out of 5star is how much I really matter. And to know how I should be. I learned that being a little different is a good thing. – BB

Thank-you so much for another great season. Before, I couldn’t tell anybody anything about my feelings, kinda like the Superman mask. But now, thanks to all of the great people at 5-star I can almost tell anyone. I finally took off the last layer of my Superman mask, and cried today. Thanks so much. See-ya next year.  – Kaitlin

This year I have learned how building people up is better than bringing them down. Sometimes it’s better to stand for what is right not what other people think is right. Also, I learned that if we set goals and sacrifice what we want to get closer then we’ll be set for life. Overall you guys have made a big difference in my life.  – Jonathan

Being in Five Star has taught me to take off my Pinocchio mask. It has taught me a way to be able to own up to things and to just be honest! I don’t feel afraid of people judging me anymore, the only thing that matters is that I’m true to myself and that I can find out who I really am by not hiding in my mask.  – PW

There are too many things I have learned and am using during my life. One is, I have courage to do what’s right. Two, I’m leaving happy because I do right things now. I am proud I joined 5-star. It’s one of my best choices I made in life.


For the rest of my life I will keep everything I have learned in Five Star in my life. But the most important thing I have learned is my life matters. I will do great things in my own way because I am different. I am me, the number one champion and I am not alone.


Five Star has helped me. The examples we talk about at Five Star I use in my daily life. It has helped me make the right decisions! Believe in 5star! I will always be 5star! I’m glad I’ve been in 5sar since 5th grade! This club is something I am proud to be in!! Next year I hope to be one of the one’s that volunteer! I want to be apart of this!! I love 5star!!  – Wendy

“How I Got my 5 Star Life.”


I am a 14 year old Girl whose had many struggles through life. When I first heard about 5 Star I wondered, what is it? Of course I was interested so I joined my first year of 5 Star in 5th grade at Mary Beck Elementary. I had a coach named Tammy Root, a wonderful, caring, and loving woman. She knew everything about me, and how to make me happy when I’m sad. She always knew when something was wrong and tried her best to fix it. I wasn’t literally 100% into 5 Star until I realized how much I needed 5 Star. Back then…to me 5 Star was a nice Tuesday night 2 hour get away. I then soon realized it’s sooo much more! In 5 Star they have values to live by. Such as respect, responsibility, integrity, and courage. At first I was uneasy about listening to it all. But towards the end of my 5th grade year my life started going down hill 100% with my grades, friends, family, and trust with others, and everything in between. Just to hide what was wrong with me…it all started with a lie I made and told everyone about it. It eventually caught up with me really bad. In the 6th grade I had no friends or anything.  No one was there for me anymore but again I signed up for 5 Star and just realized I told them the lie too!  But they didn’t care.


The main coach, Seth, told me “everybody makes mistakes and if you come clean about what you did and you feel better someone will be on your side.” And 5 Star was.  I then started leaning into 5 Star every week listening to everything very carefully and taking notes and applying what I just learned to my life.  Again in the 7th grade I joined 5 Star for my 3rd year.  And received a new head coach. Bryant was his name. He’s a really amazing person.  So I told him what happened to me to where I am now. He listened to me and told me, “I’m very proud of the person you’ve become today Tiffani. Keep up the good work…you rock!” Once again I had Coach Tammy and she was still there for me. She never did give up on me, she made that a promise. Coach Bryant and Coach Tammy Became the most two important role models in my life! From going on Day-trips and making life lasting memories to seeing each other every Wednesday at 5 Star every single time I’d have a problem I’d tell them I had no nervous bone in my body to tell them anything. To me they’re practically family. They would then listen and tell me what to do or how to fix it.  I’ve always helped other people on my team. When they need help or even a friend I’m always there for them. I am now the kind of person who if you’d have a problem or just something you wanna get off your back person and I’m glad that people look up to me somewhat as a leader.  I take notes every single week at 5 Star and I’ll go home every week and read and re-read the notes several times so I can figure out how I can make this happen in my life. Then the year ended and 8th grade started. I went through 3 coaches that year. They were all so wonderful! My 8th grade year was my most amazing year in 5 Star yet! I’m treated like a leader and with respect. People come to me for help and advice like as I would go to a coach. I fill in for my team as a coach when my coach is away. I always leave a great lasting impression. 5 Star has taught me how wonderful life is and how much it could be if you make the best of it.


I know that 5 Star and all the coaches have changed my life! They helped me bring up my grades, get my trust back with others, and make me become a better person and my leadership. I also would like to say I know I’m 100% 5 Star. I will ALWAYS think before I do things, Make the correct decisions. And Never take people for granted and live life to the fullest! And most of all…be a LEADER not a FOLLOWER.  Readers, 5 Star is the most affective thing that has ever happened to me in my life! I wouldn’t take back the experiences for the world! I would like to thank everyone for reading and know what this all means. 5 Star is a LIFE CHANGER!!  I am proud to be in 5 star I Love it! As going into high school I know that 5 Star is the most amazing thing I’ve been in/attended in all my life.  – Tiffani

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