The different areas you can help:

Coach – Men and women who can lead a group of 6 to 8 students. You will be with your team of students for nearly every minute of the two-hour event. You will participate in games, activities, have team meetings (small group discussion), and eat together. You must love to connect with and lead students. This is a three-hour weekly time commitment.


Assistant Coach – Maybe you are not ready to lead a team yourself but you would love to help someone else. You would be assigned to assist one coach with his/her team. This is a three-hour weekly time commitment.


Food Runners – Have a knack for being on time? Kids are hungry after school so we feed them! You are basically picking up the food for our meal. Whether it is Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, or Taco Bell, we need someone who can go pick up the food and deliver it to the school. This is a one-hour weekly time commitment.


Activity Leaders – Have a special talent? For example, we have a Tai Kwon Do black belt who leads self-defense activities, and an artist who leads cool projects. If you have something unique to offer we might just be able to use your talent to engage students. This is a two-hour weekly time commitment.


Day Trip Volunteer – If you love trips and can sacrifice a few Saturdays throughout the year, this is for you. We need extra volunteers every time we take students on a day trip. This requires a full day of volunteering quarterly.


Administrative Assistant – Love working in an office setting? From making phone calls to sending out newsletters and filing information, you will do a little of everything. This is a one half-day weekly time commitment.


Photography Team – Love taking pictures? Capture the moments of impact that Five Star Life is having in the schools, at service projects, and at our ranch.


Set-up Crew – If you believe in students but enjoy working behind the scenes and are available early in the afternoon this may be for you. Set-up crew is responsible for picking up the Five Star Life van, drive to the school and set-up sound equipment, banners, snacks and all other materials needed for the day. This is a one to two hour per week time commitment during each season.

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