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Five Star Life Video Curriculum for Classrooms is our fastest growing program! This powerful platform attacks the problem on the forefront of every educator’s mind…student engagement. Negative mindsets are the cause of nearly every issue in public schools today! This program addresses the root causes of disengaged and underperforming students who struggle in school, thus create a negative culture in classrooms.


We address the root causes of the problems listed above by partnering WITH schools to attack the issue of student engagement by challenging students academically, in character, and developing their leadership skills through peer-to-peer mentoring and experiential learning. As a result, schools decrease their discipline referrals by as much as 70%! In addition to discipline referrals, schools see upward of 80% of their student body raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 GPA. Research shows that students who participate in Five Star Life see academic increases, better school attendance (decrease in truancy), and less behavioral issues.


Five Star Life Video Curriculum includes 33 of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets and teaches 18 Life Skills through our Core Values (respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, courage). It is character education, social and emotional learning, climate building, and peer mentoring, all wrapped into one package!

Our Vision

Over 7,000 Students Drop Out Of School Every Day

If you don’t MAKE time for students who will? Five Star has a variety of ways you can impact students as a “Coach” or “Volunteer” behind the scenes.

Be part of the Five Star Solution

Video Curriculum Samples

Own Your Time

Courage to Fight for Your Potential

We have seen incredible results thus far! Here are some of the statistics:


Over 89% of teachers reported “FSL Video Curriculum provided a common set of values for our student body to live by.”


76% of teachers reported FSL Video Curriculum “provided a platform to increase my connection with students.”


67% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “has helped me be a better person and leader.”


Over 65% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “helped me set academic goals and raise my grades.”


Over 60% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “improved my self-image and has changed my thoughts and actions towards myself.”

One of our schools implemented the Video Curriculum throughout the school day for its entire student population for the year. What school administration found since its fall implementation is that its school had

Over 5,000 less disciplinary referrals

than the previous academic year!

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