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FSL Video Curriculum for Classrooms is our fastest growing program! This program is designed to provide schools with a common set of core values, provide a platform for teachers to connect with their students, and change student behavior throughout the building by creating a positive school culture based on our Five Star Life Core Values (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Sacrifice, and Courage).


Five Star Life Video Curriculum for Classrooms can be implemented as an accredited course (depending on state of school district) or during Advisory/Homeroom. Most schools implement Five Star Life Video Curriculum for the entire student body while others target certain grade levels. It is cutting edge, easy to use for teachers and faculty, and most of all, relevant to students. Five Star Life Video Curriculum includes 33 of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets and teaches 18 Life Skills through our Five Star Life Core Values.

Our Vision

Over 7,000 Students Drop Out Of School Every Day

If you don’t MAKE time for students who will? Five Star has a variety of ways you can impact students as a “Coach” or “Volunteer” behind the scenes.

Be part of the Five Star Solution

Video Curriculum Samples

There has been great preliminary success with the video curriculum so far.

Here are some of the statistics:


Over 89% of teachers reported “FSL Video Curriculum provided a common set of values for our student body to live by.”


76% of teachers reported FSL Video Curriculum “provided a platform to increase my connection with students.”


67% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “has helped me be a better person and leader.”


Over 65% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “helped me set academic goals and raise my grades.”


Over 60% of students reported FSL Video Curriculum “improved my self-image and has changed my thoughts and actions towards myself.”

One of Five Star Life’s middle schools in Indiana implemented Five Star Life video curriculum throughout the school day for its entire student population in the 2014-2015 school year, beginning in the fall of 2014.  What school administration found since its fall implementation of Five Star Life video curriculum is that its school had

Over 5,000 less disciplinary referrals

than the 2013- 2014 academic year!

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