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Summit – Union, Michigan

Every activity, every action, and every decision that is made should have great purpose. Each week, students are challenged to own their academic success, take charge of their future, and continually make the next right decision. One of the ways we challenge students is through experiential learning opportunities.


Summit is the national training center for current and future leaders to come and be trained in the Five Star Life Core Values and programming methods through experiential learning opportunities. Using this approach, students, educators, and groups can come to Summit, be trained, and take the Five Star Life model back to their communities all over America, thus continuing the ripple effect.


Summit gives students a chance to practice what they have learned throughout the year in a tangible, experiential way that extends beyond the school building. At a Day Trip, students are presented with opportunities to face their fears and put their leadership skills to test through various experiential learning opportunities that include: Adventure Learning Center (high-low ropes course, rock wall), Target Learning Center (in partnership with USA Archery/US Junior Olympics), Nature Education Center (fishing, boating, swimming), Equestrian Learning Center (horse interaction and care), Track Learning Center (go-karts) and Service Learning. Each leadership rotation is considered a classroom and is tied to our curriculum so students are learning through experience with very intentional steps. There are values associated with each rotation that can change lives!


In addition, Summit gives Five Star Life the opportunity to serve local school districts and other nonprofit organizations that benefit and serve youth. Summit is our future and has opened up endless possibilities for growth. We encourage you to contact the offices at 574-266-4038 or email at to schedule a tour today! Come be a part of the movement!



14260 US Highway 12

Union, MI 49130

The Future of Summit

Goodwin Center Concept
Goodwin Center Progress
Horse Stables Concept
Horse Stables Progress
Racetrack Concept
Racetrack Progress
Summit Adventure Concept
Summit Adventure Progress - The Ropes Course
The Lake Concept
The Lake Progress
Summit Entrance Concept
Horse Stables Interior Concept

Looking to leave a legacy for future leaders?

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